Oct. 30, 2020

Work, Played With Friend Online, Some "Debates" Online, Read Manga

10:27 AM (of Saturday, October 31st 2020)

Today is Friday, October 30th 2020 and today was a very typical and normal work day. I had a dream last night about having a girlfriend and we went to some home near the top of a waterfall and swam in the waters and had fun. The girl in my dreams wasn't anyone I knew, but I think we were going out and we stayed at some lodge that was just above the waters. It was so close to the waters that we dove in from the balcony towards the body of water right before the waterfall drop, which for some reason we weren't swept away by the current and dropped.

I woke up from that pleasant dream, used the bathroom, and then walked outside taking the 3.3 mile route I normally take. It was piercing cold outside in the morning. It wasn't raining as hard as the previous day, but it was drizzling a little so I carried and used an umbrella during the entire walk. When I got home, I ate some breakfast, wrote yesterday's entry, and then got to work.

I pretty much worked the entire day again, and didn't finish until around 7 PM. During lunch time I played some Beat Saber for a bit, and then saw that I got an email from a friend asking what happened since I wasn't texting him back. He wanted to tell me that he got a Quest 2 recently, I told him I'll play with him after work, so that's what I did. We played Beat Saber together, although he was still a beginner and had trouble playing Normal difficulty. I showed him some hard songs and played Expert+ mode with Fail disabled. I had a good time.

After that we played Rec Room and just went around the "gym" area. It's a pretty fun social game, apparently he's been playing it a lot and he's level 13 while I was only level 1. I did level up two times while playing with him though so I should be level 3 now. We were playing this Frisbee catch game, which was hard because I'd often pass it way out of target and have it flying in the wrong direction. There was this kid, like a little girl from maybe 3rd grade or something who came up to us and said in a very high pitched squeaky voice "Heeeey I got you some water" and then gave me some water. I role played and was like "Oh thanks, glub glub glub glub" while drinking the water in-game. She also gave my friend some water too.

After that we played some basketball and then went to a donut cafe, and then got some more in-game water, played ping pong, and then took some pictures with the in-game camera. She was all over the place screaming and screeching "AHHHHHHHH" and running all around. Me and my friend were boring as hell, she was the one suggesting all these activities to do. I was not as curious as her about all the stuff possible in the game. I knew there were a lot of cool things, but I just wasn't so excited or impressed. Maybe I've become so dull and boring, but it would be nice to have that childlike excitement and curiosity about everything again.

After that I watched a video posted by Alex O'Connor that was about cognitive dissonance and it was one of the best videos I've ever seen on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tnykmsDetNo Very well done man. I "debated" a bunch of people in his video, these people were more rational than others so it was fun conversing with them.

After that I read some Hikaru No Go again. First time I read it was in 9th grade and I read it a few times since every now and then (like every few years). I don't know why I read this when there could have been other things I did. I studied a little bit for my Finals tomorrow, and I got like an almost 90% on the practice exam without studying much, so I felt prepared. I could have written today's entry before the day ended, but I got caught up in this manga. One of my favorite manga, possibly my favorite. I read that until I passed out asleep at around 1 AM.

Oh, also I trimmed my beard today into a much more acceptable and neater level, it looks quite good now. I also tried to start my vlog today, but it's hard man. It's so hard to start a vlog. I have no idea what to say or what to talk about. I recorded a few minutes of footage but I'm not willing to upload these online. I'll try again in the future.

Anyway that was my day today.

Written by JustMegawatt

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