Oct. 31, 2020

Go Conspiracy and Final Exam

8:33 PM

Today has been mostly a bad day I guess. I woke up in a bad position because I passed out while reading Hikaru No Go last night. It wasn't really that bad of a position I guess, but I slept a little bit to the side and the computer vent had its exhaust pointed right at me, so I slept through the night just breathing in computer exhaust which I don't think can be good. I sleep very close to the computer's exhaust pretty much every night and it's constantly blowing out fumes. I hope this doesn't have any repercussions for when I'm older, but I rarely shut down my computer due to having stuff that I want open, and I sleep this way often, so I hope my lungs aren't affected.

Anyway I just continued reading Hikaru No Go most of my morning. Then I also watched a bit of One Outs. I didn't have my morning walk or anything, which was a huge shame considering I really wanted to walk and I had a streak going for a while.

I think "Go" is an unfortunate name for the board game. It's a very common word in English and looking up anything related to it, usually brings up other results. For example if I search for "Go Professional" I get "Go Professional Hardcases" and "TomTom Go Professional" and of course "GoPro". It's so unfortunate too that a player who plays Go professionally is called a "Go Pro", short for "Go Professional", but it's so hard to search for. If I search for "Go Salary", I get either "Go Progamming Language Job Salaries" or "CS:GO Salaries", one is a programming language called Go, the other is a popular video game called Counter Strike Global Offensive (CS:GO). The Go Board game is buried underneath all these other search results.

I just wanted to know how much a professional Go player made, but I can't even find any search results for it. I like the story Hikaru No Go because it goes through the struggle that these Go players take to become a professional. It's such a competitive area where there can only be 3 people who become Pro a year, but there's hundreds (maybe thousands?) of people competing to be one of those three and most people don't make it. I mean they struggle so hard, studying, practicing, striving, putting in all their waking hours and effort into the game since childhood and most of the time they don't even make it. This is the same with becoming a professional athlete, it is so hard and competitive.

Hikaru No Go was written in the late 90s and early 2000s, back in the Internet's beginning phase. This was such a long time ago, back when people predicted it would take 50+ more years before any AI could play Go. When I was in college back in 2012, one of my professors discussed how it would take 30+ years before we would have AI that could play it. I think back in the early 2000s they were predicting much longer.

Anyway I think Google Alpha and Google AlphaZero ruined Go. Why are they intent on killing the board game Go so much? They created this programming language called Go and shortly after every search result that searched for "Go" would lead to their programming language. I don't know if they did that intentionally, but ever since the Go programming language came out, if I searched for "Go" on Google, it would always get the Go Programming language. I think even back in 2009 I searched for "Go" with intent to get the board game, and got the Go Programming language when I used Google. When I use DuckDuckGo, I get the dictionary websites for the word "go" instead.

So is Google intentionally destroying the Go board game? Does Google actually stand for for "Go Ogle"? I get these definitions for the word Ogle: "to glance with amorous invitation or challenge" and "to look at especially with greedy or interested attention". Are they staring at Go because they want to destroy it? Is Go actually the most significant game in the future and the Google creators are time travelers who came back in time to destroy it? They created this programming language called Go and then "coincidentally" searching for "Go" leads to that programming language as the first results, obscuring the board game. and then they made an unbeatable board game Go AI that can destroy each and every Go player in the world combined and at the same time.

I'm just messing around, I don't actually believe in that stuff above, but it's fun to play these conspiracy games.

At around 2 PM I played Beat Saber. I almost beat my first Expert+ song today, but I think that's still a long ways away. Expert+ is so hard. At around 3:30 PM I went out with my parents and we went to go and vote for the primaries. I told them I would have a final exam at 5 PM and when we got to the polling place, the line was so long. We went back home instead and they dropped me off so I could go home and take the exam and they would go back to vote, since we all predicted waiting in line would take longer than 1 hour.

When I got back home, I just played Beat Saber until like 5 minutes before the final exam. I did not even study for it. I took the final exam and completed it in 6-7 minutes. I went through all the questions so freaking fast, I don't know if it's a record. Actually the reason I completed it so fast, was because it was proctored and I had to have the webcam on and some guy monitors me the entire time. However I took this exam in the living room, and I was like, oh crap, if my parents come home and they make a bunch of noise I could be disqualified from this test, so I just did it as fast as I could. I completed the exam in 6-7 minutes and I got like a 95% or something. That's freaking amazing. That test was just so easy for me, I completed it without studying at all. Like I would literally read a question and have an answer instantaneously. This is because I already knew the subject extremely well, like this is my niche, this is my profession, there is no way I would do badly on an exam for a subject related to my current job.

After the exam I celebrated by messing up. Today was not a great day. Other than the exam, there is nothing else of significance that I can say was good about today.

Anyway that was my day today! I'm looking forward to November.

Written by JustMegawatt

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Posted On Nov 02, 2020

I wish I could play beat saber! It looks so fun, but it's too expensive for me.... I hope this month is better for everyone.

Posted On Nov 02, 2020

@iyazo I bought the Oculus Quest 2 and it was $299 (about $317 total with shipping + taxes) , and then Beat Saber is an additional $29.99 on top of that. Yeah it is quite expensive to play, but it's a lot cheaper to play now compared to last year (would've been like $500 if you wanted to play, and then it would have been like $1500 the year before that, because VR consoles were not as affordable as today and you had to attach it to a powerful desktop PC)

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