Nov. 1, 2020

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I tried weed for the first time yesterday. I didn't like how it made my throat itchy. I had a lot of fun with my friends, but I am definitely getting edibles next time. I don't want to risk lung cancer anyways. I feel like there's still ash in the back of my throat. I had a lot of fun, it was my first time hanging out with people in 8 months. We went camping, to be able to have a Halloween party/sleepover whilst socially distanced. It rained a lot this morning, making it hard to pack the tents, and I'm really cold now. Time passed really differently when we were high; those few hours felt like days, but in a good way. I giggle a lot when I'm high. I also eat a lot of mango. And I get sleepy. Everything is so much funnier. I'm a happy drunk. I also got super dizzy - I think my Lexapro mixed with either the alcohol or the weed did that, because my ADD meds had worn off by then.

Written by ZED

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Posted On Nov 02, 2020

It does hurt your throat until you get used to it (or use a water pipe). That's part of why I vape instead; I have my medical card to get into a dispensary. Technically on any kind of phych med like SSRI's you shouldn't drink so it sounds like that combo really would make you dizzy. I drank last night for the first time since February or so and smoked as well, but I didn't get dizzy at all. Then again I am very used to smoking a lot in one go. Sounds like you had a good time!

Posted On Mar 03, 2021

@iyazo I did :) I'll look into the water pipe! Do you know what the health impacts of the pipe are as opposed to straight up smoking?

Posted On Mar 04, 2021

@ZED I'm not sure there are less health risks involved with using a water pipe/bong because you're still inhaling the smoke. It's just a lot cooler on the throat and you can worry less about accidental burns or accidentally inhaling something. I personally prefer vaping (I have my medical card), but edibles are a good route too, though they take wayyyyy long to kick in usually, and when it does it usually kicks in pretty hard lol. I'm not sure if vaping is necessarily safer either though, it's something I should probably read up on. There's no real smoke though since it's a concentrate, you only let out a little bit of vapor, but I'm unsure of what other chemicals go into the mix that make it useable in that form because the packaging doesn't say.

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