Nov. 1, 2020

Wasted Sunday

8:07 AM (of Monday, November 2nd 2020)

Today is Monday, November 1st 2020 and it was mostly a wasted day today. The morning routine was good, I walked outside 3.3 miles and then I played Beat Saber for maybe an hour total. I played some Expert+ songs, but of course I wasn't able to beat any of them. Even the song Legend which is probably the easiest Expert+ song, I had a hard time with at a certain point in the song which caused me to fail. I can't even beat Ghost or any of the other Camellia songs on Expert level. Hard, all of them, but none for Expert.

I finished Hikaru No Go throughout the day. I guess you can say that's what I mainly did. It took a very long time though, and I finished maybe around 4 PM. I already knew the story so there wasn't any benefit to reading that. I guess I just wasted that time. Afterwards I watched some One Outs, also finishing that series. And I watched some Kaiji as well. I then read that the Manga covered a lot more in One Outs than the anime did, so I started reading that.

I also messed up twice today since there wasn't much else to do.

Today was not a great day. Oh, I also updated and reset the Habitica challenges today. Other than that there really wasn't anything I did. I spent so much time reading fiction and watching entertainment, I was not happy with what I did today.

Written by JustMegawatt

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