Nov. 2, 2020

OCtober in review

(pictured: R.J., a character I made last year with pet rats. This is unrelated to iyazo getting his pet rats, but I thought it was kind of a cool coincidence that he was posting lots of pics of his rats while I was also doing rat art)

I drew something 30 out of 31 days this month. Pretty good! Out of those 30 days, I got 10 "finished" drawings I liked enough to post, plus a page of sketch studies. Some of those were done over multiple days (inking one day, coloring the next). Other times, I just doodled or my drawings didn't work out. Which is fine. I decided from the start that I was going to draw every day, but only post if I felt like it.

This year my specific OCtober theme was drawing more art of my existing characters. Breakdown: 1 Cy, 1 Cy & Mini, 2 Mini, 1 Mini & Levi, 2 Levi, 3 R.J. (rats: Sal, Bonbon, Khan). I finally redesigned R.J. and got her some good character art, so I'm happy about that. Also got some good action shots of Mini.

A couple things I hoped to get done, but didn't: I never sat down and properly designed Raziel, my naga who's been kicking around in doodles since August. I also didn't do much with backgrounds. Only my Cy/Mini treehouse pic was a complete scene, and I wasn't that pleased with it; I liked my concept sketch better.

But there's always November. I've decided I'm going to continue daily drawing for one more month. I'm pleased with how habitual drawing is becoming; I just randomly reach for my sketchbook to doodle stuff, and it feels good.

Written by Achaius

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