Nov. 2, 2020

october gratitude

october in review: lots of video games, lots of hanging out with friends, lots of drawing. good times.

  1. playing terraria with the group. I’d given up slightly because I was always the one trying to get the group together, but tonight HGR was like “hey what happened to terraria” and I felt great. also great session, we finished newbie’s armor and got me a weapon and we’re on to fighting the mechanical bosses
  2. XELDRON EGG all hail yell dead cell the level 47 tuxo, our champion egg hauler
  3. yeahhh redesigned RJ and gave her a new character sheet, finally! I've been wanting to do this for months so thanks to inktober for giving me that push
  4. after long internal debate about whether to 9-step for Emrys, got him on step 3 (with bonus Morrigan)
  5. actually played some alchemist code?! beat envy (adv) with no mercenary + no deaths + no items (this took several tries. eventually used a water magic team with ankh to charge up and kill natalie, and d.nyx to kill gerald). then did both levels of lil ouro's trial for edgar
  6. grocery & ice cream day and it's perfect outside
  7. watching the NBA finals with hgr/numbers/dante/newbie. the game itself was meh, but good time hanging out
  8. burger night!
  9. watching league with hgr #howdoyouworlds
  10. potk rerun is making me appreciate the auto-quest function. yes I WOULD like to repeat until the box is full kthx
  11. whoa I totally forgot I bought these croissants. good looking out, past me!
  12. potato blob, potato blob, put the potato in the blob
  13. had a good time drawing cy and mini in a balcony treehouse. more like a glorified sketch, scale is pretty wonky, but it was fun
  14. genshin impact, good stuff
  15. more genshin impact. fun fun
  16. wasn't sure what to draw for inktober so I ended up drawing...full throttle topic fanart?? thx for the inspiration/ref, full throttle
  17. columboy day!!
  18. I was throwing shade earlier but Barbara's healing is actually VERY USEFUL
  19. we beat the destroyer! loving this ONYX BLASTER note to self for early hardmode get an ONYX BLASTER
  20. solid good day all around. made work progress (getting over that hump); read some Latchkey; played Genshin Impact; had a nice balcony walk; and, in the evening, played Terraria with newbie and HGR
  21. I asked mom and dad for "chocolate?" and they brought me an entire german chocolate cream cake omg thanks
  22. the revival of TABLETOP SIMULATOR with team. we played pictionary (greatest of all time) and literally the terraria board game
  23. hit enrage on Ifrit!!
  24. tfw your entire static piles into the SMFFFC topic to get Delita into the finals (first FFT appearance in a finals match!)
  25. first haul of the halloween season and I got a colocrow egg. now that's service
  26. sleeping in is great every day, but especially in late October when I would normally be hauling myself out of bed and getting ready for work under black skies
  27. WHOA shiny giratina (thanks to Dad for making this possible)
  28. OOF finally finished my work project! (at 1:30 am. better late than never)
  29. a magnificent red-gold tree
  30. using Razor as my primary DPS in Genshin Impact. WOLF BOY
  31. buffalo chicken pasta
  32. I love refs, I googled an ikea shark and now my pictures of Lil Levi are 10x better
  33. woop hatched a Vullaby from a 12k rocket egg
  35. and I made chocolate chip cookies to celebrate
  36. whew, finally finished the "9 nice throws in a row" limited research task
  37. v productive work day!
  38. breakfast of champions: mocha AND a chocolate chip cookie. what more could one want
  39. great food day in general. shrimp tikka masala for lunch, mongolian bbq steak for dinner
  40. music appreciation night with newbie & hgr
  41. good Terraria session. built an arena, beat Plantera. best moment: HGR breaking a Plantera bulb and then racing back to the arena as newbie and I directed him via the map ("not that way!! to your left!! that's a dead end!!")
  42. home. for. the. weekend
  43. fried catfish with sweet chili sauce
  44. glorious blue-sky day, brisk without being cold

Written by Achaius

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