Nov. 4, 2020

11 - 4 - 20

I am so fucking scared for the outcome of this election. Why is it that I cannot vote (I'm 17) but all that shit still affects me? What the fuck. And don't give me all that bullshit about not being educated enough to make a good decision - I know for certain that I know more about politics and environmental issues than most American voters. It looks like the dems have control of the House, but the reps seem to have an advantage on the Senate, which I saw coming. The big question is still, who will be our next president? Fuck I'm going to be so fucking angry if that asshole gets re-elected. This country is so conservative. It's so messed up that Biden can pass as someone more liberal when placed in opposition to Trump. Biden is just a Republican who adopted a few more liberal views to be able to run as a Democrat. Trump is just a disgusting extremist. I do not think sexual predators should be allowed in office, that's just messed up.

Fuck I am so fucking scared. Fuck.

Written by ZED

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Posted On Nov 05, 2020

Don't let external events influence you so much, regardless of who wins you can still control your own life. I don't want Trump to win either, but even if he does I'm not going to let that influence me negatively.

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