Nov. 4, 2020

New Phone, Beat An Expert+ Song, Presidential Primaries

7:10 AM (of Thursday, November 5th 2020)

Today is Wednesday, November 4th 2020 and lots of things happened today. The SIM card for my new phone (it's actually a used phone from 2016) arrived today, and I was able to set up my new phone. It's been a week or so since my phone broke, and I only got my new phone working today. Because of that, I also restarted my selfies, food log, and weight logs today since I can store all this stuff on my new phone now.

There wasn't really much that I did with my new phone. I installed two apps on it, Audible and Oculus, and that was it. I need to download AYearAgo.Today on my phone too though since there is an app available. That was basically it, I didn't use my phone for much else.

Around lunchtime i played Beat Saber again and was able to beat an Expert+ song, the song Legend. It was pretty crazy, I didn't expect to be able to beat an Expert+ song ever, but here it was. I've only been playing Expert+ lately, and the speed now feels appropriate. In fact Expert level seems too slow now, and Hard feels impossibly easy, but there's still a long way away for me to beat any other Expert+ songs. I ranked in the low 17,000s with my score on Legend, even though I got a B and barely passed. For some songs in Expert I was able to get an S, but my rank was in the 70,000s. So that just shows the level of difference, and apparently not many people are in the Expert+ level.

On Discord, I was in a group that was mainly about "online gambling" but tonight it was about the elections. Lots of people bet money on who they thought would win. The score has been stuck at 264 Biden and 214 Trump for a long time already, since around 3 or 4 PM today and that carried on throughout the night. I'm pretty sure Biden won this. He just needs Nevada which is already leaning towards him, and that would put him at 270. He could also get Georgia which right now leans right, but with Atlanta and Mail-In ballots tallied and most of them are likely Biden votes, those votes likely would make him win too. Pennsylvania is likely to vote Democrat even though right now it's about even with Trump in the lead, because there's apparently 1 million Mail-In ballots that haven't been tallied yet, and most of these will be for Biden.

7:57 AM

Anyway that was my day today. I also worked but I didn't get much done, and it was a good day outside so I planned on walking around during lunch, but that didn't happen, I stayed indoors all day. Some other minor events is that my dad called someone in to fix the heater, and we found out it wasn't working properly because we set our water heater too low. My dad then bought a thermostat and was able to replace the old one tonight, our heater was working again (I didn't complain at all, but my mom did).

Written by JustMegawatt

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