Nov. 7, 2020




I finally have some motivation to do Duolingo.

And Dina put me into a Greek Among us Group :D

I read the recent messages, i didn't understand everything, but in sense it's like, She hasa German friend who has asked her to join the group, and that i learn Greek,

First round: I was the impostor. I lost, but no one suspected me.

Next round, i was impostor AGAIN and because of that i ran through cafeteria suspiciously because "Why am i impostor again?"

Then in direction of the reactor, noticed i may sabotage that first, so i turned around. Someone pressed emergency meeting and said orange (me) was sus. Suddenly, before voting time was over, it said we had won...

Played switch, did a lot of Duolingo lessons and read one p of the book.

Antio 🦊

Written by Plesi`

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