March 27, 2020




My mom insisted me to go shopping w her. At the beginning we met our neighbor with Baron (his black retriver, or whatever breed his dog is). We saw a few fish in the river and a lot of baby fish. For some reason i wondered if we might see Christoph when shopping. I don't know his car plate. And guess who drove along when we were finished putting the glass in the container. His carplate has a symbol of an electronics brand.

And then we saw someone else from church and Carsten n Renate. wow, I never saw so many familiar people at once!! I mean, when going outside, of course.

We had KG after Trax Livestream. I was scriibling all the time, i like the result. I finally made a schedule, but I don't know if i can hold it...

I played ACNH again, hunting bugs. Aaand yesterday I noticed that shaking trees holds infinite sticks. I was wandering around, like, thousand times coming along the same tree and wondered why it was throwing off a stick even though I always was there. Yeah, it's not like one stick an hour or something. No more running short on sticks = catchers, fishing lines/hooks whatever they were called. I could get a good thousands of bells, but it wasn't enough to buy the piano/syntheziser thing whatever. E-piano? Idk, a key instrument.


Written by Plesi`

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