Nov. 8, 2020

Ordered a new SSD, Beat Two Expert+ Songs

11:32 PM

Today has been a pretty average and relaxing day if anything. My expectations for today was that I would walk outside again in the morning and then catch up on some work, and then walk again in the evening. That ended up not happening. Instead, I mostly just read a bunch of fiction online (manga) and had a pretty good time but I realize it's all mostly a waste of time.

In the morning I shopped around for, as stupid as it sounds, a new laptop. I'm running out of space on my current laptop which only has 256gb, and I wanted to start over again. My current laptop is a 13" machine, which is pretty small, and I looked for something smaller like 11" or 12", but there weren't any in the specs I wanted. These smaller laptops were usually a lot weaker and had a lower screen resolution, so I didn't want any. I was almost going to buy an X220T or X230T laptop, back in the day (2012 and 2013), these were one of the coolest laptops around. Thankfully I didn't buy one, because I had already owned 3 of these total and returned each one because I could not get used to their really ultra small resolution which was also inconvenient for me most of the time.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, I also looked for larger laptops, notably 17" laptops. I already own a 17" laptop, but it's pretty old from 2013 and I was thinking, maybe I could be more productive on a larger machine? They were all so expensive though, the cheapest one with modern specs was around $950, and that's way out of my price range. I'm going to have to wait several years before even being able to afford one of those when the price lowers. I also looked for a 15.6" laptop as a middleground between my 13" and a 17", but decided against it because it was average of both's portability and power, but not specializing in either one.

In the end, and I think this was the wisest decision, I settled with a new 1TB SSD for $90 to replace my current laptop's 256gb SSD. I was going to order a $200 2TB ssd and be done with hard drive upgrades for a while, but I realized that it took me a long time of downloading useless junk to fill up my own laptop's 256gb, so a 2tb would have been completely overkill if I decided I wasn't going to be downloading anymore junk. Oh and there weren't any cheap 2TB ssds either, the cheapest ones were probably $198, and I spent a long time searching. In the end I just settled for a 1TB SSD because these were so plentiful and the pricest were much more affordable, I got one for $90.

In this new laptop I'm planning on starting over I guess. I'll likely partition it and to have 3 different operating systems, one for different use cases. One would be for messing around and experimenting, another one would have Windows for games maybe I dunno, the third would be personal serious stuff. If I turned on the machine and chose the serious personal stuff operating system, then it's not going to have anything that can distract me. It might have music, but no entertainment files or anything, and I'd probably block those kinds of sites too.

Oh yeah I can't wait to start over. I'm probably going to back up some files currently before moving to the new hard drive once it arrives. I looked online to see if my computer could support more than one hard drive, and no it can't, there's no other slots. I don't understand why laptops don't just use M.2 as the default storage and rely on 2.5" form factor instead. M.2 is basically half the size of 2.5" so I'd be able to fit two 1TB storage units using M.2 instead of one using 2.5". Or even better, use the micro SD card form factor for storage, because 1TB micro SDs already exist for $30 today, we could easily fit like 100 of those in place of a single 2.5" SSD drive, meaning 100TB instead of 1TB using the same amount of space. It's likely a trade-off in speed or maybe reliability in why we don't use micro SD cards as our main storage unit, but the potential is there.

Since I didn't order a new laptop which would have been like $300 minimum and bought a $90 SSD instead, I bought some extra stickers to customize my laptop a bit more. I bought a Python sticker, a GIT sticker, LInux sticker, and a big "Go Vegan" sticker which was 8" in size which will basically take up majority of my 13" laptop's back. There's not really anyone that would see these anyway, because I'm the only one using this laptop and I'm in my room the majority of the time, not in public. When I'm at work too, the back of my laptop faces my cubicle, so there's nothing anyone else will see.

One day though when I'm freaking retired, since I'll probably be bored just staying at home all day, I plan on going to different libraries to work and study. There, people will be able to see my laptop stickers. When am I going to be retiring though? No freaking idea. I'd have to work at it to retire early. Since I'm not planning on having kids or getting married, and my only expenses are really just rent ($1100 a month) and food (~$130 a month), I'm able to save a lot. Other people will take a lot longer to save up since they're hindered by steps which society basically pushes them to take (college debt, marriage, kids, house, etc). I already have a car which I spent 2 years paying off with every paycheck I made and that was extremely stressful, so I decided to not participate any of those other "societal steps" either.

My parents tell me I'll grow up lonely if I choose not to marry, and that I should marry and have kids if I want people to be able to take care of me when I'm older. They don't understand that I feel pretty content no matter where life takes me or what happens in my life. I like my independence. In old age if I make it that long, instead of having kids to take care of me, because they'd probably have better things to do, I would likely just hire a caretaker. Are my parents expecting me to take care of their every whim when they get old? I'm not a caretaker. I'd visit them at whatever home they choose to stay in, maybe even be the one paying for them to stay there, but I don't want to be expected to be there 24/7, help them poop every time they need to, wash them in the bath, etc.

Another thing I did today was I played Beat Saber for a few hours. This was the only other significant thing I could say about today, because there was seriously nothing else I did besides play Beat Saber and read manga. Other than spending a few hours shopping online this morning, there was nothing else.So I played Beat Saber again today, and I bought the Imagine Dragons music pack. These songs were super easy to beat even on Expert+, and I was able to beat two songs. The other songs I was able to get through a decent amount of the parts, but would just fail at some point. I didn't find any of the songs hard, even on Expert+.

Anyway that was my day today. I really wish I could have done more.

Written by JustMegawatt

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