Nov. 9, 2020

Physically Active Day

10:44 PM

Today was an excellent freaking day. I woke up at around 7 AM this morning after falling asleep at around 12 AM, and after using the bathroom I went out to walk. I walked the usual 3.3 miles and then came back home, and I played Beat Saber for about 30 minutes before work started. It's so strange, I felt full of energy the entire day just because I walked and played Beat Saber first thing.

Work was very productive. I worked on the task that was supposed to be completed back on Friday, but I wasn't able to complete it then. I completed majority of it today, with some minor items remaining. I measure productivity by amount of time I'm spending on something. If it's me, I'm probably doing a task optimally anyway, so the more hours I put in the more I'm getting done. So today was a very productive day because I was working basically the entire time. There were times I took breaks to play Beat Saber like during or something, but that was it.

After getting a bunch of work done, I got really tired near the end. I was like, man I just want this to be over with, but I still had some work left to do. So I completed the final freaking items, and felt so relieved. Whew. I turned in what I had, and again there were still some items remaining, but I might be able to complete those early tomorrow morning before work starts, who knows? They're very minor and I do know how to solve the problems, I just need to know which files I need to change to fix it, and finding that "where" is the hard task that would might take me hours, but once it's found I can solve it in less than a minute.

Anyway after work I played Beat Saber. I played it for two hours straight initially, and then the battery died so I had to take a break. Then after it charged, I played again until it almost drained. I've been playing it all freaking day, throughout the day, since morning. I probably put in 4-5 hours of game time today, playing mostly Expert+ songs. I was able to get a good score on a few different songs, ranking in the 1400s of one song, and 1900s for another song. For comparison, in other songs I would usually rank in the 10,000s after playing it for the first time in Expert+, and if I played a song in easier difficulties then I'd probably rank in the 100,000s. So getting close to sub-1000 ranking is pretty good! I got near perfect combos on both songs, but I missed a few notes here and there.

I beat a bunch of Expert+ songs today. I didn't even keep track. I'm getting a lot better at the game. My arms got so fatigued just ~20 minutes ago, or else I would still be playing right now. This is after playing the game for hours straight, all day, the hardest difficulty songs. I was playing this easier Expert+ song and my arms just got so tired that I called it quits after playing the song. I still got S rating after finishing the song though even though my score that time was like 25% less than my personal best.

Anyway I am super sleepy right now. Today has been a very ideal day. I messed up twice today but I didn't take any naps at all throughout the day either. The only times I got tired was near the end of work, when I just got very fatigued from working for hours straight, but after work I played Beat Saber for 2 hours straight so I wasn't really tired in the low energy sense of the word, just tired as in wanting to rest from the current activity.

Playing some Imagine Dragons songs on Beat Saber really motivated me a lot today. I don't know why. It makes me want to face my "fears" I guess (though I don't really have any) and start a vlog. If anything, the reason I haven't started my vlog yet is inconvenience. Do I really want to record myself doing stuff all day, and then edit it and stuff later? Sounds like a total hassle.

Anyway that was my day today. If I were wise, I would just go to sleep right now. But I'm feeling like reading some fiction/manga before I go to sleep. That would be such a foolish thing to do, in my opinion. So.... What will I do tonight? Go to sleep right away, or read some fiction and spend valuable early sleeping hours? We'll find out tomorrow. It's so tempting to just read fiction instead of going to sleep right now, even though I know it's a futile activity.

Written by JustMegawatt

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