Nov. 10, 2020


I'm finally able to do the things I've been putting off for a while, like exercising, stretching, managing what I eat, and added meditation as well. I've been scheduling my tasks so I wouldn't fall behind on schoolworks. But still I do procrastinate sometimes. Also, I've scheduled my 'me time' as well. Things are going smoothly, but I feel like something wrong. I'm kind of relaxed, and I feel like there's going to be a hella wave of workload coming soon. Should I worry or not? Well, maybe I shouldn't think of too much, I should enjoy this moment while it lasts😂

Written by s_t_4_r

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Posted On Nov 10, 2020

I feel you - every time I seem to get my life together I have this constant fear that it'll fall apart at any moment.

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