Nov. 10, 2020

Very Average Day

8:00 AM (of Wednesday, November 11th 2020)

Today is Tuesday, November 10th 2020 and yesterday (Monday) I had a very physically active day where I basically exercised for over 4 hours, probably over 5 hours. Most of my exercises that day were not that physically intensive, like walking and playing Beat Saber, at the end of the day though I had like 4 shirts drenched with sweat for each of my gaming sessions, with the sweat reaching to at least below the chest all around. Last night I fell asleep wearing a sort of sweaty shirt, not that sweaty as compared with the others, which is why I didn't even bother changing it and fell asleep wearing it.

I went to sleep without reading any fiction or manga. I started some, like I was in the catalog for these stories and I flipped through a page or two of some stories, but then got so bored. They have all the same tropes now. I've experienced it all in other stories, so even when I open up a "new" story with new characters and events, to me I've already experienced it all, so I just got bored and turned off my computer and went to sleep afterwards.

When I woke up, I wanted to have the same exact plan as yesterday. My plan was to get up, use the bathroom, then go out for the 3.3 mile walk first thing. Instead, when I woke up, I had one of my nostrils stuffed and I sort of had a runny nose feeling, though I didn't really have a runny nose. I just woke up feeling like my immune system was weakened, and so I just stayed indoors in order not to get sick. I went on my computer and worked on stuff, I think I also took my log pictures at this time. After about 20 minutes my blocked nostril cleared up and I was breathing well again, I know it was after 20 minutes because I looked at the clock and noted how long it took. I don't remember much of my morning other than that, pretty sure I played some Beat Saber and ate breakfast.

After that I started work at around 9 AM, and because I completed some major items yesterday, I didn't have to strain or focus so much today. I worked on some of the minor items I wasn't able to complete yesterday and Friday. It was a very relaxed work day compared to previous work days. I took breaks every now and then and played Beat Saber like during lunch and when I just got a little work fatigue.

It got very dark quickly, like at 5 PM it was pitch black outside. At this point I had nothing else to do. I played some Beat Saber until the battery died, and then I browsed the Internet for a while, reading up on some news, and chatting on Discord a lot. Oh yeah there was a lot of drama on Discord today, so I took part in that. That's where most of my time went. I was doing "detective" work I guess. It's so weird how I'm able to pick up on things others miss and don't even consider. To me all that stuff is out in the literal open, but people complimented I have good "insight" and "good analysis", even though it's all out in the open. Anyway I had fun, and I spent hours doing this stuff.

It was such an average day today. I didn't really get much done. There wasn't anything significant. All in all it's like today didn't even happen.

Written by JustMegawatt

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Posted On Nov 12, 2020

It sounds like a fun day to me. 4-5hrs is a long time to work out, at least to me where I go for about 1hr (and probably much easier things..) I want to be stronger!!! Some day....maybe. Even sounds like you had fun with the discord drama. I rarely see any of that because I'm not in many chats... Anyway I guess it's average if you think it is. My every day is fairly dull.

Posted On Nov 12, 2020

@iyazo I worked out by walking and playing a video game for hours, so it's a bit different from going to the gym, it's just basic cardio exercises. Yeah the discord drama is pretty typical I would say. This day was very dull too!

Posted On Nov 13, 2020

@JustMegawatt that's the most fun way to work out! I used to play DDR back in the day. Maybe I can get back into that. Oh, I ended up with my share of drama...I spoke too soon 😬

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