March 26, 2020

Very Concentrated Day, Got A Bit Of Work Done

7:08 (of Saturday, March 28th 2020)

Today is Thursday and I remember today being a day where I was very exhausted throughout most of it because I was just concentrated and working the entire time. There's this quick delivery project I was assigned a few days ago at work, and I didn't know when it was supposed to be due either since a deadline wasn't given to me, but I figured it meant something like finishing this in just a few days. Well I think I was given this project at the end of the day on Monday, and I worked on it on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The thing is though, is that I watched a lot of YouTube videos during this time while working. You could say that these videos hindered my productivity a bit since I wasn't fully concentrating on the work at hand. So by Thursday I thought I was already severely behind. From morning until the work day was over, and even a little bit into the nighttime, I just worked productively.

Working hard the entire day, I managed to finish the project that was given to me at the end of the day on Monday and I gave it to my boss so he could inspect it. At the end of the day though I was exhausted and I ate some dinner. There was some other homework due for me, and I worked on that and completed it. I think I also watched some DurianRider videos today because I was very motivated the next day and ran over 5 miles.

Actually yeah, I watched DurianRider's self-help video series this day during lunch time. I watched every episode of his 14 day thing and I was pumped. I remember watching this same video series he made, a long time back. Maybe it was in 2017? It was a while back. I actually wanted to start following this guy's advice for once because what else was I doing with my life? Anyway the next day I would start implementing what he advised.

Oh yeah since I started watching DurianRider again, I wanted to make a "reaction" video about watching his oldest videos. I found my old YouTube account where I used to mimic him. I even got a bike and a jersey because of this guy, this was a long time ago. I recorded some reaction videos watching his old videos, and also some reaction videos reacting to some of my own old videos. I didn't upload these anywhere though since it was like 1-2 hours of just babbling nonsense while watching some videos.

I also remember recording some footage of me playing Path of Exile and demolishing people in the Sarn arena. I was level 40 and I was fighting a bunch of people that were level 28 and around there. So yeah I destroyed everyone I got in contact with and it was fun. I didn't die once. There was a time I almost died though but I escaped the arena before that could happen.

Written by JustMegawatt

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