March 27, 2020

Ran 5 miles, Watched a Lot of DurianRider, Took a Final Exam

7:22 (of Saturday, March 28th 2020)

Today is Friday and it was another work from home day. Yesterday I got a big task done so I didn't worry much about the workload today. I was very chill about the whole day. I woke up at around 7 AM and the first thing I did was drink a glass of water, ate a banana, and then jogged 3 miles outside. Well I think I actually used the bathroom first before all of this. Today was a crazily productive day now that I think back on it.

Last night before today, I watched a lot of DurianRider videos and his whole mindset and life purpose thing were just transferred to me. This guy had a very good message and I wanted to help him share it. First I would take some of the advice he gave. He said first thing to do in the morning was to drink water, eat a fruit, and then exercise for an hour. I did just that, but I used the bathroom first before all of that.

The morning jog was relaxing. It was still a bit dark during that time but the sun was starting to come up. I passed by a few people, and they were all walking their dogs. Every single person that I passed was just walking their dogs outside. Yeah, it was quite a relaxing and easy run. I jogged very light, saying a few words out loud every now and then to gauge how much effort I was exerting. If I was out of breath while talking, then I was running too hard and had to lower the pace a little until I could speak without panting. I had to lower my pace a few times.

When I got back home, I ate some breakfast. Then I recorded a "Day 1" video again. How many of these am I going to make? I actually don't think I did a very good job at this video, and so I'll try again later on Monday morning. First I wanted to make a video series on losing weight. I was going to take up DurianRider's advice on eating high carb low fat vegan and losing weight that way, I've already lost around 70 pounds in total but could lose around 30 more. So yeah I recorded this video in the morning just taking all my measurements of my hip, waist, thighs, arms, height, and weight and seeing how the circumference and weight would change over time following DurianRider's advice again.

The video was not bad, but it could have been better. I may try again on Monday, or I will just making some additions to this video explaining some things, and then upload this. I also recorded a video on how French Fries were not a high carb food, they're nearly 50% in fat calories alone, and I argue there's more fat calories than what is estimated in the nutrition facts. I show that in 100 grams of potatoes, it has a total of 77 calories and then 100g of french fries has 312 calories. Where did all those extra calories come from? I argue it's from the fries being dipped in oil, and I argue that the fat content of the nutrition facts should be greater than what is shown.

That was also a very good video I recorded in the morning, but also did not upload. I don't know why not though. I think it's a pretty good video.

Before 9 AM rolled in, I stopped working on any personal items. Since I knew that this was now working time. I did some basic work this morning. Just read some emails I guess and did some minor tasks. I watched some more DurianRider videos during this time period. At lunch time I jogged another roughly 3 miles outside. The distance I travel is around 3 miles, I think it's like 2.9 miles or something, but pretty close. Anyway this time I passed by a lot of kids outside with their parents. A lot of them were on these kid bikes and they were just going around the sidewalk and racing around. I don't think I encountered anyone walking their dog during this time period, just parents with kids outside.

Before I got back home though, as I descended down this hill, this woman ran passed my and said "hey" as she went by. She was running at a much faster pace than my jogging speed. I was already home at this point and I stopped running and walked back home when I reached the bottom of the hill. It was a very good run.

When I got back home I ate some lunch and then got back to work. I watched a lot more DurianRider videos while eating lunch and working. A bit after 5 PM a client at work wanted to discuss some issues they wanted resolved and so I got into a "Zoom" with them. It was their first time seeing me on a webcam, since mine in the office has tape covering the camera. Since I was using their laptop, I just let it show whatever. Yeah she was surprised to see me on a webcam for the first time. I think I looked pretty good with a mustache. Anyway once that meeting ended, I called it a day and I played some path of exile.

There was an exam upcoming tonight, which I didn't study for since I already knew the content. I knew this was coming at least a week before this, and I didn't study for a single day. I already knew the subject pretty well so I wasn't stressed out. For around 3 hours before the exam, I ate dinner, I played path of exile, I watched a lot of DurianRider. Then around 30 minutes before the exam, I studied. Yeah I just briefly looked at what I needed to know, and then took the exam. I think I got a B+ in the exam. Something like that in the 88% to 90% range. Overall in the class I think I got an A. Finally. One of the first classes I ever got an A in. Grades aren't finalized yet but once they are, I hope I got an A on this course and the other one I'm taking.

The other course I'm taking I don't know anything about. So yeah I need to study for that one hard or else I would do very poorly. After taking the exam and getting a good grade, I played some Path of Exile. There were some things I was reading online, that I don't remember now, and then I was so sleepy and tired, I went to sleep at around 11:30 PM. This is very early for me since my normal sleeping time is around 2 AM. But I'm happy my sleeping time is a bit earlier now. This is a good thing.

Written by JustMegawatt

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