Nov. 11, 2020

Good Start To The Day, Not Great Way To End

8:36 AM (of Thursday, November 12th 2020)

Today is Wednesday, November 11th 2020 and I would say it was a fairly normal day today. I woke up this morning at around 6 AM, and after using the bathroom I immediately just went out for a walk. I didn't have a clogged nostril like yesterday and I felt fine, so I just headed out the door. My mom told me to bring an umbrella though because it was raining out, so I brought an umbrella but it wasn't raining outside. I walked my typical 3.3 miles route and only used my umbrella near the end when it started to drizzle a bit.

When I got back home, I updated the Habitica challenges I hosted, and then played Beat Saber for a while until work started.

Work was a fairly busy day for me as the work I thought I had completed, my boss said wasn't done yet and I had to redo a bunch of things. That's what I did most of the working day today. I did take a break during lunch though to play some Beat Saber.

After work I was very tired from having worked for a long period, and played Beat Saber for about an hour before calling it quits. I was very tired and for the rest of the night I just browsed the Internet, and I read some manga. I have hours and hours of free time after work where I'm not doing anything. I could literally do anything I wanted, but instead I just read some comics. What a huge waste of time, right? But I was pretty addicted, and I just didn't feel like doing anything else.

Anyway I fell asleep while reading. It wasn't instant, I thought I could complete what I was reading before I went to sleep, but I just closed my eyes for a few moments while lying down and next thing I knew it was morning.

Although it seems like today has been more uneventful than yesterday, I got so much done today. I walked outside for an hour, I updated the Habitica challenges, I was fully concentrated on work for a few hours, and I played Beat Saber for probably 2 hours today. Yesterday in comparison, I pretty much didn't do anything. So I value today a lot more than yesterday, simply because I got a lot more done today than yesterday.

Written by JustMegawatt

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