March 28, 2020

Ran 6 Miles, Uploaded Up 2 Videos, Studied a Little


Finally an entry where I'm writing on the day of! So far I just caught up on my journal entries this morning. I really wanted to play Path of Exile while updating my journal entries, but I figured it would just be a distraction. It's a good thing I didn't open up path of exile or else I would have gotten subpar work done.

I wanted to run first thing this morning like I did yesterday, but unfortunately it's raining. It's raining outside and therefore I can't go out. Yeah I can hear some rolling thunder in the background as I type all of this. I definitely don't want to run in the rain in case I get sick. I read several articles online saying that running outside doesn't cause sickness, well I think that's false since I feel like my immune system has become compromised each time I run out in the rain. It could be something small like a runny nose or just a little feeling of being sick, but these are things I normally don't get when I run when it's not raining.

Anyway the rest of today is still open. I do have a final exam tomorrow that I need to study for. The whole day is ahead of me. I'm going to eat some breakfast, play some path of exile, plan out what I want to do for the rest of today. Of course I need to study too, that's very important.


I ate a bowl of oatmeal with chocolate almont milk and an entire banana while playing Path of Exile. I leveled up a few times and killed Brutus the act 1 boss. After that I saw the "Potatoes are Low Carb High Fat" video I created yesterday, I watched it and thought it was good. I put it up online. I posted a comment in one of DurianRider's videos. I'm looking outside my window night now and it's a good day to go for a run. I'm going to post my video in discord somewhere and then go out for a jog this morning.


Yeah it took me 20 minutes to share it with people in discord. Anyway, time to go out for a run.


Okay I'm back. I took a cold shower when I got home, it was nice and refreshing. I prepared an oatmeal and chocolate almond milk with a banana bowl for me. Now I'm eating that while watching some DurianRider videos.


I'm done eating. I ate that bowl of oat meal, and then I ate a bunch of brown rice with 6 meatless meatballs, and drank chai vanilla drink mixed with some green fruit drink. Pretty good breakfast. I'm done eating until later this afternoon since I am sooooo stuffed. I might work on a new video now.

11:41 (of Sunday, March 29th 2020)

After eating that food I went ahead and recorded another video and uploaded it. I played some Path of Exile, debated some people in global chat on Coronavirus not being here if we didn't eat meat, and then I took a nap. After waking up I watched some YouTube videos, then I went ahead and ran another 3 miles outside.

I've gotten the correct distance down now so that I can correctly run 3 miles by going this certain route. It was very misty and foggy outside, I wore a very bright forehead lantern and a bunch of people started covering their eyes as I ran by because it was blinding in the dark.

I agree it's a very bright light. I can't stare at it straight myself for a few seconds because it is very blinding. Can't really do much about it though. I don't want to make it RED either because red lights attract mosquitoes and flies probably. Actually I just looked it up, it looks like white lights attract the most bugs? Anyway I'll try out a red light next time just because it is less blinding.

So that was my Saturday. It was an overall productive day.

Written by JustMegawatt

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