Nov. 12, 2020

A Very Nomal Day, Installed Sidequest

8:54 AM (of Friday, November 13th 2020)

Today is Thursday, November 12th 2020 and it's been a pretty good, normal day. However the morning wasn't great though because when I woke up I just continued reading the manga I was reading last night, and I read this for a few more hours in the morning before I even got out of bed. It was not a good morning. I don't really recall much of this morning other than I didn't spend it too wisely.

Work was great though, I got a lot of work done, continuing from the work I completed yesterday. Today was a good working day.

After work I was reading up on how I could add custom songs to my Beat Saber game on Oculus Quest 2. I had to mod the game basically, and I was about to do that, but reading the "risks" page about it, it was completely illegal including going against Facebook's TOS and using pirated songs in the game. It's just that music companies haven't really gone after this segment yet, because there's probably only a few thousand people who do this.

Anyway I just installed this thing called Sidequest instead, and it allows me to install games that aren't part of the official Oculus store. I downloaded two games before I encountered errors. Actually the first game I installed also ran into an error, and that one doesn't boot properly, but the second game I installed does. Every other game I downloaded and tried to install did not work, so that wasn't much fun.

I listened to the Apolo Ohno interview on the Rich Roll podcast and that was an excellent interview. It delves into the life of a top 0.001% athlete who was at the top of his sport, and all the challenges he faced before and after competitions. We really only see him once a year, for a few minutes event, but he trains for years leading up to that moment. And it's crazy that there are also hundreds of other people he is training with, but he's the only one who performs in the end. All the other competitors go into debt trying to become him, that top athlete, and then they falter to find a life purpose after their peak performance years.

So a lot of people train at a certain sport to reach the top, and most of the time they don't even make it. And then afterwards, they have a hard time finding something else to do since they've already devoted their entire lives to this sport and they just weren't cut out enough for it. That's a crazy look into that world. Also Apolo Ohno struggled to find meaning after he retired because there wasn't anything else after that. All athletes go through the same experience, so it was a good listen.

I played Beat Saber for a few hours today, I am very confident in my abilities now. I can beat a lot of Expert+ songs and have probably beaten 30% of them, maybe, right now. Anyway that was my day today!

Written by JustMegawatt

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