Nov. 13, 2020

no gods, no kings, no groceries

After a good night of sleep, I decided to just cancel the grocery order lmao. Walmart contracts its grocery delivery out to Doordash, and there's some kind of communication/coordination issue between them. Like yesterday, Walmart prepped my order for delivery, made substitutions and everything, and then the Doordash driver canceled. I figure I'll give them a few days to sort their system out before trying again. We're not completely out of food yet.

A bunch of small annoying things are adding up:

  • Maintenance still hasn't fixed the broken kitchen light
  • Maintenance still hasn't fixed the broken bathroom light
  • Toilet issues: The ring connecting the chain and the stopper at the bottom of the toilet tank is rusted and bent, so it keeps slipping loose and I have to reattach/adjust it, by flashlight since as I mentioned the bathroom light is broken
  • No groceries

"It hasn't been a good week for people doing it," was my roommate's comment.

Tomorrow I should go down to the rental office and remind them we put in a request for maintenance six weeks ago. I went three weeks ago and they were apologetic and said they'd send someone by Saturday for sure, but I guess they never said which Saturday, so joke's on me.


update (11/16): Ordered groceries a couple days ago and they came today just like normal—no delays, no hassle. So hopefully the November 11-12 issue was just a one-time issue caused by the system downtime.

Written by Achaius

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Posted On Nov 14, 2020

I once fixed the toilet chain problem with a paper clip. I mean, it didn't take long for the paper clip to rust and break, but it works in a pinch. Even a piece of string tied to the chain and lever would probably work until you can get a replacement part.

Posted On Nov 14, 2020

@justanotherjen Hmm, yeah, I could try that. Thanks for the idea.

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