March 28, 2020

balcony log

(Thursday 3/26): Rainy today. Somewhere, a small dog was losing its mind, sending high-pitched staccato barks echoing throughout the apartment complex. A lot of people were coming and going in the parking lot. Maybe they were all essential workers or going on grocery runs, but I doubt it. In the distance an ambulance wailed.

(Friday 3/27): Overcast, damp, and gloomy. A lone seagull flew overhead, shrieking warnings to the wind. A police car pulled into the parking lot; a lone officer disembarked and walked into one of the neighboring apartment buildings. Ten minutes later, the scene repeated, except the second officer was carrying what looked like a propane tank in one hand. Neither officer emerged by the time I went back inside.

(Saturday 3/28): Took a midday nap and dreamed I was getting groceries at Save-A-Lot. I put a pack of bacon in my cart, and then I thought "better stock up, who knows when I'll be back here" and added three more packs. Then I realized I hadn't been keeping six feet of distance from other shoppers and freaked out.

Woke up to a house with no bacon. So I decided to skip lunch in favor of a walk on my balcony. Yesterday, I entertained the notion that the police officers came to arrest the little yapping dog for disturbing the peace, but no such luck; it was going nuts again today.

Written by Achaius

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Posted On Mar 31, 2020

I like your style of writing, it's lie this was a novel 😂☺ :)

Posted On Mar 31, 2020

@Plesi` Thanks! :D

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