Nov. 15, 2020

Installed New SSD

8:51 AM (of Monday, November 16th 2020)

Today is Sunday, November 15th 2020 and a few days ago, apparently on Friday? A bunch of items I ordered online arrived. My current laptop only had 256 GB storage, and so I ordered a new 1TB SSD storage for $90 last week, and it finally arrived today. Along with that I ordered a bunch of stickers for my laptop to make it look cooler and more personalized. All that stuff apparently arrived either yesterday (Saturday) or even the day before that (Friday), and I just didn't bother looking for it until today.

I checked the mailbox early this morning and yeah all the items were there. I guess my parents didn't check yesterday or the day before. Yeah it was cool. I couldn't wait to install it and put 3 different operating systems on it. This activity basically took me the entire day. I worked on backing up my old files since I wouldn't have access to them anymore after installing this new drive, and then I had to download the gigs of iso operating system files, and these took a while to download and install.

Overall this is basically what I did the entire day, however I kept running into some complications here and there trying to install multiple operating systems, so in the end I just installed one operating system on it.

While waiting for the downloads and installations, since sometimes this would take 30 minutes to download 8 gb or it would take roughly that long to install, I watched some anime in the background. This was a mistake because I could have been done a lot faster if I only concentrated on one thing, but since there were long waiting times I wanted to occupy my free time with something else, so I watched anime while waiting for installs to finish / files to download.

At around noon I went out for a walk, the sun wasn't out and it looked like it was about to rain so I brought an umbrella with me. I power walked through my typical 3.3 miles, and I held the umbrella sort of like a dagger, holding it "upside down" I guess, and I felt so cool. I felt like a ninja power walking through the woods with feet crunching on the leaves as I walked, and holding this umbrella which I imagined to be like a dagger or sword. Heh I let my imagination run wild as I imagined myself darting through the forests and casting ninja spells, etc. In video games daggers are really fast and strong weapons, useful for rogues and assassin-type classes, but in real life I would say they're pretty useless against a weapon with longer reach like a sword or spear.

Anyway when I got back home I continued with installing the operating systems, and I already said before in the end I just ended up with one. This took the entire day from morning until night basically, and in the end I was left with a fresh new start. I get to now do what I want with this "new computer", from scratch. The stickers make it look like it's a completely new machine too.

Written by JustMegawatt

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