Nov. 16, 2020

Normal Monday, Re-Installed OS again

8:33 AM (of Tuesday, November 17th 2020)

Today is Monday, November 16th 2020. I can't believe it's already more than halfway through November. Today was a very typical and normal day for me. I woke up this morning at around 7 AM, and I could have gone out for a walk, the normal 3.3 miles I usually walk, but I thought to myself that it was already "too late", and so I just stayed at home. However it wasn't really too late, as it takes me an hour to walk that distance, so I could still be back at home at around 8 AM and everything would just be fine. I admit I just wasn't feeling like walking so I stayed at home. I don't even remember what I did at home. I think I finished setting up my computer.

Work was very average. It was quite productive because I got a bit done, but it wasn't that productive because I kept running into some problems here and there. Overall I'd say my work experience today was a good one, even though I ran into some frustrating problems and such. It's just a daily occurrence now.

After work I played some Beat Saber for about an hour. Then I just watched some anime videos I guess. Yeah this was a huge mistake doing it yesterday, because I'm getting hooked again.

After feeling unhappy with some things with my current operating system installation, I re-installed it again to start from scratch. I had already spent most of the morning setting it up and experimenting with things, and at that point I installed something I didn't end up wanting in the first place. I didn't know how to uninstall it though, and I don't think it was possible to, so I just started from scratch again. All good.

It took about an hour to re-install everything, I didn't know it would take that long. I read some manga in the meantime. So yeah that was pretty much my entire day today. I have homework due on Wednesday, and I am taking some hard classes. I really need to start working on those assignments as soon as I can.

Written by JustMegawatt

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