Nov. 17, 2020


I am so thankful for our SC in pushing wellness break. This would give time for some people who got affected by the typhoon that entered last week (?). All of our deadlines will be on next week, and our teachers get to rest as well. Thank you for the higher-ups in approving this. Finally, we students get to rest as well. But I'm gonna do my work early so that I won't get bombarded with a lot of workload hehe. Considering the person I am, I would still procrastinate lol.

Also I've noticed that I am already falling out on my routine. Basically I get up 30mins now before my class starts. Sometimes I don't eat anymore because I don't feel hungry. Before, I used to wake up an hour before my class. Then I would watch anime or youtube while eating. Sometimes I do take a bath first before eating. Anime and foods were my motivation in getting up. I kind of feel unmotivated now, and I just want this school year to end already. Hopefully I can get through this semester.

Written by s_t_4_r

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