Nov. 17, 2020

Very Productive Day

6:05 AM (of Wednesday, November 18th 2020)

Today is Tuesday, November 17th 2020 and it was a very hectically productive day today. When I woke up this morning, the first thing I did was use the bathroom and then I changed clothes to go out for a walk. Not much really happened outside, except that it was a bit cold and I was wearing shorts and sandals with a light windbreaker jacket. It wasn't piercingly cold, but I think it was close to being cold enough for it to snow if we had precipitation. It wouldn't have snowed, but it was close, is what I'm saying.

During my 3.3 mile walk I had this new idea for a sport that came up which involved a lot of running and it was similar to tag, except it involved a ball that had to be thrown at one end to score a point. Basically instead of dribbling a ball, it had to be attached to your vest, like one of those sticky vests that balls attach to. Someone can then come up and grab it, but you could also pass it to someone by throwing it at their vest and having it stick. This just seems like a very fun sport to play, that I certainly would want to play. I think of myself as being an agile person, well maybe not in my current state but a few months ago, like a ninja, so a running sport like this would be awesome.

I can't really recall much else from the walk. I don't think I did much else. Anyway when I got back home, I played Beat Saber right away. I played it on my balcony again, and since I just came from walking outside, I didn't feel cold at all when playing from there. I was able to beat "Pop Stars" in Expert+, which I have come close to beating several, several times, but always fail at around the 3:04 mark, which is 5 seconds from the ending. There was some other point earlier in the song that I also had trouble with, but I was able to beat that part consistently after a while, and then the 3:04 mark is what I was stuck with.

I don't know if it was this morning or maybe in the afternoon, but I was also able to beat the hard fast part in Origins song in expert+ for the first time today. Near the beginning, there's this crazy fast section that I always fail. It's ridiculous. The "Reason for Living" by Morgan Page also has a crazy fast part similar to that in Origins, but the pattern is different. Learning that pattern screwed me up for the Origins song, because they are quite similar but very different. Anyway I was able to pass that part for the first time today, but I still failed at some point in the song.

After that I ate some vegan breakfast and started work. I felt so full of energy today, like extremely full of energy. Work today was one of my most productive days because I just sat there, with some music playing in the background, and just worked tirelessly. At noon I wanted to go out and run outside, that's how overflowing with energy I was. I just wanted to go out and sprint for a mile or something, which is what it felt like I could do, but realistically I know I'd be drained of energy much earlier than a mile if I were sprinting. At around 1 PM I took a break to play Beat Saber and then started working again. It was actually tiring at around 2-3 PM I guess, because I had been working on this for hours at this point and I wanted a break. I stopped work at around 5:30 PM, so tired from all the repetitiveness and frustration, but I still wasn't done with what I needed to complete at work.

After work I took a break and read manga, browsed the Internet for about an hour. This was such a relaxing activity that didn't require any thinking on my part. I guess that's why it's so easy. I also ended up "messing up" twice today. Oh and one friend texted me for the first time in about a year, today, and we caught up on some stuff. Another friend sent me an email. Weird how it was all happening today. Was I fated to die tonight or something, or soon? Why'd two different people get in touch with me today? Weird.

What made me fall asleep at night though is working on homework. WOW. This exhausted me so much. I signed up for some very advanced classes this term and have to actually study and read all the reading material and watch all the lecture videos for these classes, because they are hard!!! I spent more than an hour researching and reading material just to answer one question that was asked in a homework assignment, and after learning all that I was able to answer the question but still didn't fully understand it. I understand it a lot better than having no understanding, but I barely understood it still.

After doing I guess a third, of my homework that was due, I went back to reading some manga, but then that felt so stale and unproductive and boring compared to the activities I had just done. My eyelids also felt a bit heavy. I wanted to stay away to continue reading, but there was no way. I shutdown my computer and went to bed thinking I was probably not going to be able to sleep this "early", since it was a bit before 11 PM, but no, I just passed out and went to sleep completely, instantaneously. It's a good feeling when that happens, and that happens to me basically every night, but not that early.

Anyway that way my day today.

Written by JustMegawatt

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