March 29, 2020

2020/03/29 - type change



Time change. But at least we can sleep.

I put a quotation into my term paper and mailed the table of contents to my teacher. Then i watched the miraculous episode my sister wanted me to watch the whole time. Then we drew random pokemon with different types (with a randomiser) e.g. Silicobra in poison/ghost or Magmar in water/rock. But the second type was optional,i only included it with Dhelmise as a grass/ice. I'll attach pictures tomorrow.

My sister always used the second type too i think.

And i played ACNH and caught the third tarantula i needed. But my storage is full but I don't want to expand my house, it looks nice as it is ☹️.

But I could buy the last bag expansion I didn't know exists. Now i can carry more stuff :)

Tomorrow is Monday again and the first day of running my schedule program. Will it fail? Or can i pull myself together finishing it? I don't know. Also we've got flute lesson and i only printed the notes but didn't play them yet, I'll do that before.


Written by Plesi`

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