March 29, 2020

Ran 6 Miles, Completed a Final Exam, Started Practicing Again


Whew. Today has been a good day. I am a little bit tired right now from practicing and competing a little. I just took my last final today, and so I have a bit of freed up mentality being free from those class obligations for a while. This morning I ran 3 miles, I took a cold shower when I got back home and it was so easy since I was sweating so much and steaming. The cold shower didn't feel cold at all especially since I was feeling very hot and exhausted. The cold shower actually felt refreshing!

After that I changed clothes and then I recorded and uploaded a new video. I didn't know what to make the video about, but I knew I wanted to make another video today. So I made one on potato chips, and how potato chips were 60% calories from fat, when most people think that potato chips are a high carb food. I already made videos on donuts and french fries, also very high in fat foods but people think they're high carb. I don't know what video I'm going to make tomorrow though, since there were some other foods I wanted to make a video of such as ice cream and cake, but actually these are high carb foods. So yeah I don't know what to make of tomorrow, but I'll come up with something.

I ate lunch and chilled out for a bit watching some videos until around 3 PM. I took a nap at 3 PM and then I started studying hard for the final exam I was going to take today. It's weird, I had a lot of time to study but I end up studying at the last minute. Anyway! I took the exam nervously, wanting to get at least 50%. That's all I wanted and needed to pass the class. I ended up getting an 80% on the final exam which was awesome. I was like 0.23% away from a B+ though in the class total, and the GPA difference between a B and a B+ is .33 I think, so I missed out on a big amount of GPA average. That sucks! It's really frustrating.

After that I ran outside for another 3 miles just to celebrate. It got very dark out and I forgot my fitness tracker watch, so I just ran without really knowing my stats on how fast my miles were or heartbeat rate. Pretty chill run though, I did bring a headlamp and ran red this time. I ran with a blinking red light today instead of a flashing white light which blinded people. I had a bunch of cyclists yesterday literally stand still and stop moving as I ran by them, because they could no longer see the path due to how bright my light was. I didn't use the red light setting because I feared bugs and mosquitoes flying towards it, but it turns out white light attracts them more? I dunno. I didn't get bit by anything today, nor any other day, so I don't really know.

I got back home, ate some dinner, watched some videos. I started up practicing and competing in the activity I used to be very good at years ago, but stopped for some reason. I started it up again, and I've placed, so far, first place in 4 out of 5 timed trials. I'm trying to get a fiver, first place in all 5 timed events. I think I can do it. I've tried for a while now and I tied with the current place person in the last event. Anyway if I do get a fiver, taking first in 5/5 events, which by itself is actually pretty hard to even place first in one event, then that would be cool. Let me go back and try again now. If I do make it, it will have to be written in tomorrow's entry since it's technically the next day here already as I write this.

Written by JustMegawatt

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