Nov. 23, 2020


After long delay, I have asked for a pay raise from my boss, the wait was tough and the anxiety I went through nearly kill me.

I always have the doubt that, is it me or everyone does? Me being an introvert tends to have difficulty to start up conversation, especially this type. Luckily at the end of the day, the outcome is ok.

Here is another fresh week, I am experiencing Monday blue.

I was assigned the task which was my senior's obligation the previous day.

I look forward to take care of the stuff but I am not happy to have my main focus swift to banking litigation. I am not a fan or fond of any of those, but I am open to learn things from it. I just feel weird for accepting all the things, and have to made myself believe in those words which they believed in or they try to convince me to believe.

Am I wise enough to differentiate what will benefit me and what don't?

I don't mind getting those job done because that is what I am paid to do. I just don't like the idea people throwing their task on me and telling me that they believe i will grow by handling those.

Written by immacoolkido

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