Nov. 23, 2020

Day 11

Today was a very long day. Parts were stressful but I didn't feel the need to use or drink. I thought at one point "Hey you made it past 10 days, it's fine if you get a little messed up tonight". I immediately told myself no and made a list of things I had to do.

  1. Get toothpaste, toilet cleaner, groceries
  2. Eat something
  3. Clean the bathroom
  4. Get the furniture into your room and set it up.

I completed all of my goals for the day and rewarded myself with a cookie and some video games. I even set up the pull up bar and told myself anytime I walk under it I have to do 5 chin ups. So far so good. I like this version of me. Keep it up.

Written by TheMusubiMan

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