Nov. 23, 2020

Pretty Good Day Today

10:30 PM

Today has been a pretty good day I guess. It was a very lively day. I woke up this morning pretty early at around 5:30 AM and after using the bathroom I spent 30 minutes drafting up and sending a message to somebody.

After that I went out for a walk. It was very cold outside due to there being so sun yet. I walked three times around the neighborhood, shivering a lot initially, but eventually getting used to the cold outside, and then coming back home. I checked Discord and the person replied back basically not even reading what I asked, all he did was link the a page which I already looked at and was asking him about. He didn't answer any of my questions. I don't think he even read the message.

Shortly after that, I went outside to play some Beat Saber, and it was freezing cold out. I have no idea how, but a lot of time passed by before I knew it. I basically came back in, prepared and ate some breakfast I guess, but while I was eating breakfast, the time was already 8:30 AM. What? How? I went out to walk at around 6 AM after having sent the message which took me 30 minutes to type up, and then I came back home, played some Beat Saber for a bit, started eating, and then it was 8:30? What! Crazy how that time went by.

Work was decent. I basically got a lot done, because I had already worked on a lot of these items on my task list. Basically it was just recreating some of the pages and moving it to the new interface, which I had already done for the most part, so I got a bunch done. Probably like 70% of the pages my boss sent I have already completed, there were only two that I hadn't started on yet, while every other page (there were like 9 pages or something), was 95% done. There's some minor touch-ups that still had to be done for those.

Throughout work I'd watch some Vegan Gains videos and I replied to a bunch of people. Holy crap people are just as stupid and as ever. These debates I feel are a huge waste of time, it's arguing against morons online. The people I argue against are clearly in the wrong, but it gets so tiring having to reply to the same old arguments people keep making to defend animal abuse and exploitation and killing.

I got one guy so pissed because he made a bunch of dumb arguments, well, basically I said something like "We don't need to eat meat. Penguinz0 is a hypocrite for claiming he says he doesn't support animal abuse, when he in fact does when he eats meat" and this other guy makes soooo many dumb arguments against this which I annoyingly had to refute. He even admit "Yeah I know we don't need meat and I can be a vegetarian and be just fine and I know it is even cheaper to be vegetarian, you are right. BUT..." and then he mentions basically complete tangents and points he would have lost on anyway such as pollution (saying pollution kills a lot of animals, and I showed that we kill over a billion animals a day unnecessarily for meat and that animal agriculture produces as much pollution as all transportation in the world combined such as cars, planes, boats, etc.). Another point he mentioned was other animals such as iguanas being killed (his argument was that he saw some YouTuber killing iguanas and due to this he concluded people will always kill animals, and so it was alright for him to eat them). He then talked about guns and human violence, and that because humans have wars, we can eat meat. It was very annoying refuting his idiotic stances.

Anyway he brings up a bunch of fallacies such as appeal to futility saying going vegan doesn't make a difference, but it in fact does. I told him about apps that track how many animal lives you save a day being vegan and it was hundreds a year. Some people eat several animals a day, and just by being vegan I wasn't a part of all that slaughter while he was, and it was a very easy and cheap choice to just not meat and other animal products. He got extremely offended and defensive when I brought up dogs being slaughtered and eaten. So I mockingly commented "Alright you can replace every time we mention animals and meat with 'dog', and then our argument would basically go like this, I'm saying 'hey we don't need to eat dogs, and Penguinz0 is a hypocrite for saying he is against dog abuse when he eats dogs'' and you reply with 'Ah, but pollution. Iguanas. Guns. And human violence. Therefore it's okay to eat dogs.' " and this guy got so offended by this that he deleted his initial post and therefore our entire comment thread.

He is such an idiot, man. I'm surprised we still have people like this in 2020. I had a bunch of debates with people back in 2013, back when there were so extremely few vegans that I pretty much felt like the only one in the entire world. It was so much fun debating people in this one big forum back in the day, it was basically near the beginning of when I went vegan, and I started up a thread that got so much attention and traction, like hundreds or maybe thousands of views a day. I don't remember. It was just me, one guy, arguing and replying to maybe a hundred people or something who ate meat, but I literally was brand new to not eating meat and my logic already destroyed everyone else. I was around 19 at the time, oh man those were the days. People back then were complete idiots on the subject, and I'm surprised they still are today. Although there's a lot more vegans now, majority of people are still completely clueless.

For Thanksgiving, everyone that celebrates it should watch this:

It's an awesome video, I showed it to my parents and they liked it. After I showed them that video, I went out for a walk. Ah, I was planning on walking at noon too, but my dad scheduled a person to come by today to refresh the heater water and so I stayed indoors until my mom got home, but then no one came. After that I went out for a walk. I walked 6 laps outside because I was planning on walking 9 total laps today, 3 in the morning, 3 in the afternoon, and 3 in the evening, but because of the water heater guy, I had to stay at home. I even played beat saber indoors instead of outside on my balcony today.

After walking around 6 laps at night, I came back home and then played Beat Saber for about an hour. Every song now goes in slow motion to me, even in Expert+. I'm used to the Expert+ speed now, so even songs by Camellia which are the hardest songs in the entire game, I can play probably up to 30 seconds to 1 minute of the song. These are the hardest songs in the game and last week if I played, I would have failed after 10 seconds, but now I'm able to last 30 which is remarkable. I have played every song in the game multiple times (but I haven't beaten most songs on Expert+ yet)

8:51 AM (of Tuesday, November 24th 2020)

After playing Beat Saber for a bit, I then came back home and went back on Discord, nothing really interesting going on. I checked up the homework I had due and I had a lot, so I'm going to have to work on that tomorrow. After that I typed up this entry and then went to sleep. I'm really enjoying life man, I walked about 9k steps today total and had a very good day.

Written by JustMegawatt

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