Nov. 24, 2020

Very Physically Active Day, Got Top 1000 Ranking in a song

7:25 AM (of Wednesday, November 25th 2020)

Today is Tuesday, November 24th 2020 and it was a very physically active day for me. After waking up in the morning and using the bathroom, I went out for a 3.3 mile walk. When I got back home, I played some Beat Saber for about 30 minutes, playing at my peak basically. I was setting some new high scores in some songs and was doing really well, I was in a flow state for some reason.

After that I ate some breakfast and watched some math videos while eating. I normally would watch anime or a cartoon or something while eating breakfast, but I got so bored browsing the anime list online. They all felt the same to me and so inconsequential, so I watched some math videos related to my homework instead. I learned a bit.

After that I got to work. I was able to complete some amazing pages and did a marvelous job. This time I had no distractions, I didn't have any cartoons or anime playing in the background while I worked, no music either, and it was just me working fully, and I was surprised by how much more I was able to get done, and how much higher quality. This was kind of depressing because the previous work I've been doing felt so sub-par, I felt like I wasn't giving it my all in those other works, after seeing what I was able to come up with today. I showed my boss that I had completed some of these pages, and he was very impressed and joyful at the result too.

At around 11 AM I took a break from work after working diligently for two hours, and played some Beat Saber again. This is when I was able to hit a new record for one of the songs. I got rank 626 high score in the Thunder song by Imagine Dragons. I had only missed 3 notes the entire song, and those notes were easy to hit too. That's the thing, I think getting a high score like this has a lot to do with luck. I have the skill and capability to hit every note perfectly, but somehow things don't always line up. Like how am I missing easy to hit notes? It doesn't make sense. Maybe there's a camera glitch or something else that causes me to miss the note, but otherwise I'd get full combo every time.

Another cool thing is that, at one point in time I wasn't even able to play this song. I thought it was one of the harder songs, but I was able to beat it almost perfectly today. This is a good sign of improvement!

During lunch I played Beat Saber again for like an hour, and then started lifting some weights and doing push-ups. I don't know why I didn't work out before, like it's not really a hard thing to do and I can put in a few minutes a day to doing this. But yeah I'm getting back into it. I was able to barely do five badly done push-ups, where as I guess in my peak a few months ago I was able to do 30 proper form push ups. I don't even think I can do one properly done push-up today, just because of how much heavier I am than previously and how I haven't done any push-ups in such a long time.

After that, I went back to work and basically worked until 5 PM. My dad also arrived early today because his client was sick and in the hospital. It's not Covid and just a strong cold or pneumonia apparently. After that there were a bunch of harder stuff that I was working on, and I did get distracted every now and then.

After 5 PM I just browsed the Internet, wasting time. There was nothing going on in Discord, so I had nothing to do there. I played some Beat Saber again for a few hours, playing online with random people. I then started working on my math homework and it got really boring. I went to sleep early at around 10 PM, maybe? Because I was so bored of math and all the manga online bored me too. Every manga and anime bores me now, I feel like I've seen them all.

Written by JustMegawatt

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