Nov. 25, 2020

Mostly Math Homework

9:57 PM

Today was pretty much about math homework entirely. I mean I did have work today, and I did a bunch of other things throughout the day, but I was thinking about my math homework pretty much the entire time even as I was working and doing other things. This is the last course I need to get an Associate's degree, and I really want to finally get this. I would say in my circle of close friends the average level degree they have is a Master's. Some already have a phd or are doing research for it, others have masters already, and everyone but me has at least a Bachelor's. Here I am without even an Associate's degree, but one more class man, I just have to complete one more class, and I'll have it.

Actually I don't know if my school provides an Associate's degree, but I just need one more class to fulfill all the requirements for it. There is a "Graduation Request Form" and I see I can fill it out for an Associate's degree once I complete all requirements, but does this kick me out of the school or what? Or is it a "simple" graduation like graduating from one grade level to the next (9th to 10th grade graduation), and so I am still in the school? I don't know. I'll probably ask my advisor if/when I pass this class.

So I didn't do much in the morning. I was planning on walking outside, but it was cold out. So I waited until the sun came up, but by that time I didn't feel like walking anymore, so I just played some Beat Saber for about an hour on my balcony. This entire time I was thinking about math and homework. During breakfast today, I again just watched some math videos instead of watching any anime, because I just looked at the list of anime and cartoons and I've seen so many of them that I've just gotten bored of all of them. These cartoons/anime are kinda all the same. I won't really gain much from watching it, so I watched some math videos instead.

It was all a refresher basically, because I learned a bunch of this already so I was able to pick it up quickly, but man I had forgotten all of it too.

Work was okay. It was the day before Thanksgiving so a lot of people were chill. I got no emails or messages from anyone today since a lot of people probably took the day off. It was a very relaxing work day today. The temperature outside was nice and cool, and I played Beat Saber a bunch. My dad said to stay at home though because people would come over to refresh the water heater water, so I just stayed at home even though I wanted to walk outside during lunchtime.

I just played some Beat Saber at home, indoors since I couldn't go on the balcony or I wouldn't hear anyone knocking. I rarely play this game indoors, because I just feel uncomfortable doing it here. It just feels weird to me to be playing this game indoors. What ended up happening is that after one song, I was sweating a lot. I already have piles of sweaty shirts from playing this game outdoors on the balcony, but playing it indoors made me sweat so much even after just one song. Whew. I took a break after that one song on Expert+, and then I realized I usually play a bunch of Expert+ songs on the balcony for an hour or two. Were other people playing for 1-2 hours a session like me, or was that just unique to me because I played outdoors in a colder temperature? I don't think I'd be able to play as well if it was summer and very hot.

After work I worked on homework. I watched some more math videos, and then I was prepared. I worked on the homework assignments and I breezed through them! It still took me about 3 hours to complete all the math homework, but I think I got every question right. I was taking another class too along with math, but I decided to drop it after having enough trouble just with this one math course. I finally understand that if I study the reading material, I can do the homework assignments a lot more easily. Like I mentioned before, what I usually do is start the homework, and then do research and reading as I need to in order to answer the questions.

But after having watched some math videos first, I understood how to solve a bunch and the logic behind how to solve them. Anyway I'm very sleepy right now. I just completed some homework assignments and I am sleeepy. So that was my day today. Not much, just mainly math I would say.

Written by JustMegawatt

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