Nov. 27, 2020

Took Black Friday Off

4:28 PM (of Saturday, November 28th 2020)

Today is Friday, November 27th 2020 and it is the day after Thanksgiving. It was a really lazy day yesterday being a holiday, and I still felt pretty lazy today, so I took today off work. I don't remember doing much in the morning, it was very a very good spring temperature throughout the day, although I know that's a terrible thing environmentally being Fall when it's supposed to be a lot colder. I went outside a few times to walk around, and I just walked in a shirt, shorts, and sandals, and it felt hot enough like it was sort of a mix between spring and summer.

I had fun in the morning, messed up twice. I took a nap, played some Beat Saber outdoors. I'm getting a lot better at the game, getting high scores with a bunch of replays of songs. I have gotten really bored of playing the same songs over and over again though, since there's only a very limited selection of songs, and I've played them all already. I haven't beaten every song in the hardest difficulty yet though, so that gives me some more entertainment until I can get to that level.

9:44 PM (of Saturday, November 28th 2020)

So that's what I did in the morning. In the afternoon I basically just chilled at home. I watched a bunch of Rick and Morty for some reason. I guess I was bored of doing other activities. I was bored of anime and manga since they all felt the same and doesn't improve my life in any way. The same could be said about watching cartoons, but The Rick and Morty series I haven't seen in probably over a year, so I checked it out again. I liked the Ricklantis Mixup episode the most, it was much better than I remembered.

It was Black Friday today, but I didn't buy anything. I did shop around for some things, but there wasn't anything I really cared too much about. In the end I ended up buying a Kensington laptop lock, because I want to be able to leave my computer on the balcony without fearing of it being stolen. It's very unlikely anyone would be able to steal it anyway, but I'd feel more secure having locked than me finding out one day somebody climbed the balcony and stole it. I bought it for around $8.50 anyway, so it wasn't that expensive, and now I can lock up my laptop in the office too.

The rest of the day went by without me doing much else. I continued watching Rick and Morty episodes, and I watched some YouTube videos with my dad later that night.

I played some Beat Saber again later that night, at around 12 AM. I played until around 2 or 3 AM, which I know the time because my mom made a comment the next morning saying she was about to turn the lights off on the balcony but saw me playing there still at 2 AM. At some point, as I was swinging the controllers, I accidentally hit my left controller with my right controller, causing me to basically let go and since I was in a swinging motion, caused me to throw my left controller over the balcony into the dark abyss below. Whoopsie. I guess this is why the wriststrap is there, but I just never used it. I went downstairs and was able to get the controller back, no damage done since it landed on the grass below. It was dark but it was still clearly visible since the controller was a bright white color that stood out from the dark grass.

One big accomplishment I was able to complete tonight was that I finally beat the song Origins on Expert+ difficulty, this is my favorite song in the entire game. There's this one segment near the beginning of the song where a bunch of notes come up in a zigzag pattern, and it's so hard for me to hit them. Even when I slow down the song to 50% speed in practice mode, this section is hard for me. I finally was able to come up with a way to get through it though by just making sure I hit at least 3 notes in that pattern. Even if I miss the rest, just hitting at least 3 makes me survive, in my theory. So that's what I was able to do. I'm able to hit around 3 notes in that entire section and I can now pass it without failing.

The rest of the song is easy in comparison, although I still failed a bunch of times even after passing the hard section near the beginning. After a few tries of failing over and over again though, I was finally able to complete it. Now I want to reach a level when I can complete it at will, because the way I completed it felt like a fluke. This song was a milestone for me because this is my favorite song in the entire game, and I am now able to beat it in the hardest difficulty. I went to sleep that night feeling satisfied.

Overall today was a very chill day.

Written by JustMegawatt

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