Nov. 30, 2020

Slightly More Productive Day

5:57 AM (of Tuesday, December 1st 2020)

Today is Monday, November 30th 2020 and today was a slightly more productive day than normal, maybe. I kept a time log again for the first time in a bit more than a year, again. I'm not sure if it helped, but I at least know how many hours I wasted and what I did during those hours. To keep it very simple for work, I'm marking every activity from the time work starts to the time work ends, as just "Work", even if I do other things during that time. So I'm basically only marking the start time of work, and the end time of when I'm done with work, and no other activity between. Even if I use the bathroom or take a break for a few minutes, it'll all be in the time log of "Work".

This is pretty much how I spent my time today, although it's not totally accurate. I only started logging in the morning, so it doesn't have all my sleep logged. I was also a bit careless so I might have done other things like browsed on the Internet and chat on Discord without marking it properly.

  • Work 8:26
  • Work Tasks 8:26
  • Physical 0:24
  • Beat Saber 0:24
  • Intermediary 1:50
  • Preparing Food 0:04
  • Eating 0:40
  • Sleeping 1:06
  • Organization 2:52
  • Personal 2:46
  • Pictures for the Day 0:06
  • Unproductive 4:41
  • Anime 3:37
  • Adult 1:04

I'll do a better job tracking my time for tomorrow, but I guess this is a good start.

I said yesterday that I was going to walk outside and do a lap every 1 hour today, but I ended up not doing that. It was actually raining outside and I had sore throat, so my immune system was weaker than normal. Due to that I just decided to stay at home. I wonder why when I look up "Sore Throat" these photo stock models are acting so exaggerated making pained faces while holding their throats dramatically. All of the stock photos look like they're in the worst condition imaginable.

This morning was very productive, I got a bunch of personal tasks done catching up on things and that was in the ~3 hours of organization. After that was work, and that was pretty normal. At around 1 PM I lost VPN connection to the office, so I wasn't able to do much for around 30 minutes.

After work I was super tired and bored. I didn't want to play Beat Saber on my balcony because I just didn't feel like it due to the sore throat, so I just stayed indoors. I lied in bed watching anime and browsing the Internet for other things. I did some adult things too. Huge waste of time by the way. I could have worked on homework for an hour instead and got a bunch done.

I went to sleep "early" at a bit before 11 PM, that's where the 1 hour of sleep comes from. The rest of the sleep takes place after 12 AM, so it's logged for the next day. Anyway that was my day today.

Written by JustMegawatt

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