Dec. 1, 2020

First Day of December

8:40 AM (of Wednesday, December 2nd 2020)

Today is Tuesday, December 1st 2020, and it was another very typical day. I don't recall doing much in the morning besides writing Monday's journal entry and closing off/restarting the Habitica challenges I hosted. This is what I spent my time on today:

  • Work 8:23
  • Work Tasks 8:23
  • Physical 1:33
  • Beat Saber 1:33
  • Intermediary 8:14
  • Preparing Food 0:14
  • Eating 0:38
  • Sleeping 7:14
  • Pooping 0:08
  • Organization 1:10
  • To Do List 0:06
  • Journal 0:58
  • Pictures for the Day 0:06
  • Unproductive 1:59
  • Anime 1:30
  • Cartoons 0:29
  • Social Media 2:41
  • Discord 2:00
  • Habitica 0:41

Work was a productive day today. I got a good amount of work done, and I also got into a meeting today to help out some people. It's been a while since I spoke English with anyone, and I was so dead. I felt like a socially inept moron while these guys were having fun talking about a lot of things. There was even one new person I hadn't met before and she introduced herself, and I was just like "Oh hi, nice to meet you", they introduced her roles and a more socially strong person would've been able to comment on those and make some remakrs like "Ah so you'll be taking over so and so, you're gonna run into X a lot hahaha" or something, but I couldn't make any such comments.

I don't think I'm slow because my reaction times such as in Beat Saber are quite good, I'm also able to notice a lot of things that others miss in real life. I feel like I can look at most situations and just understand what's going on, but man I have not spoken English in a long time, and I sounded so dead in this socialized setting. I don't realy care that much about this, I'm just making this comment because there was a bunch of people in the Zoom meeting all just talking a lot about random things and I couldn't jump in.

After work I played some Beat Saber until the battery died. I bought the BTS music pack for $15, which is half the cost of this entire game. These guys must be making a lot of money off of this. I don't really know BTS that well but the song I liked the most from them was Dynamite. It took me a few tries to beat it in Expert+ mode because the colors red and purple were hard to distinguish and I would mix them up sometimes near the beginning. I don't like how the entire stage is purple in which the purple notes blend right in, and the red notes from a distance can look like they're purple.

After the battery died I took a break and chilled in Discord for a bit. A couple of hours actually. Just talked about random stuff and had some fun. No point to it really. Then I watched some anime for a while, and fell asleep while watching. I had math homework I really needed to work on because I have a graded test tomorrow (Wednesday) but all I ended up doing was looking at what assignments I had and what I had to study, and then felt like I could do it tomorrow so I skipped working on it today.

Anyway that was my day today. I could have gone outside and walked every hour like I said I would, but it was drizzling a little outside today, and it was also cold. I just didn't feel like it. No sore throat today at the least and I felt pretty normal, but I just didn't go out at all.

Written by JustMegawatt

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