Dec. 2, 2020

Math Quiz, Possibly Got Two Companies to make a Partnership

7:39 AM (of Thursday, December 3rd 2020)

Today is Wednesday, December 2nd 2020 and it was a very busy day today. This is what I spent my time on today:

  • Work 8:35
  • Work Tasks 8:35
  • Intermediary 4:31
  • Eating 0:29
  • Sleeping 3:59
  • Pooping 0:03
  • Organization 0:38
  • Journal 0:30
  • Pictures for the Day 0:08
  • School 3:27
  • Homework 3:27
  • Unproductive 3:49
  • Anime 1:01
  • Adult 1:38
  • Manga 1:10
  • Social Media 3:00
  • Discord 3:00

I woke up very early today at a bit before 4 AM. I fell asleep by accident at around 10 PM last night after watching some anime, so I woke up in an awkward position and all the lights in my room were still on, and my computer was showing a video that ended. Well since I was awake now, first thing I did was just work on some homework. I had an important math quiz due today, so I had to study hard for it. I ended up studying for over an hour, and then I think I went online to read some manga, though this was a blur to me since I don't even remember reading anything all day today. Maybe I spent an hour browsing manga sites but not reading any since all the stories feel like tropes and feel like a waste of time now.

Like I would open up a manga, read a few pages, and feel like this is a lame story or I've seen it all before, and would be turned off by it. I've read enough manga / seen enough anime that basically everything feels the same. Everything. Even if it's some "unique" story, I can sum it up with the main character starting out as a weak character but with a unique talent that makes him stand out and then ends up becoming the strongest in the series, or the character starts out as the strongest in the series and continues to perform impressive feats.

Majority of stories fit these two tropes, if not then they fit some other trope, but the main character is always very special in some way, there's not any anime/manga I've seen that didn't have a special main character. Ash Ketchum got the "fourth pokemon", Pikachu, Goku was born on a different planet, Naruto was the son of a past hokage, Luffy got his hat and fruit ability from the former Pirate King. Ippo has his super strong punch, Kuroko has lack of presence, and many characters now are "from another world". It's all so much the same.

I spent an hour doing adult stuff in the morning. I don't know if it's better to do these things in the morning or at night, but it was around 5 AM and it was so early, I didn't feel like doing much else so I fell into my desires. This is what I meant I do when I said I "messed up" in my previous entries. It's just adult things really. If I do it in the morning I get more tired the rest of the day, I think. Still, I stayed awake even after this in the morning, all day until the last event of the day.

After that I guess I got out of bed for the first time today and used the bathroom to poop. People don't believe that I take under a minute to poop, but since I'm vegan I get a lot of fiber in by default, and this allows me to poop in under 20 seconds usually. I will poop usually twice a day, maybe even more, but I take under a minute each time. Other animals in the wild apparently take "12 seconds" to poop, and they poop several times a day. Maybe all humans should go vegan and stop slaughtering animals daily to get their pooping back to normal.

Oh yeah my mom made a comment today like "Oh that poor kid" about some kid in the news that had some unfortunate event happen to him. This is while eating some flesh of a chicken. What about that poor chicken? Probably raised in terrible conditions, was in pain all its life, slaughtered in a brutal way, and then my mom doesn't even think twice about eating its body. Doesn't even recognize the suffering. My dad at least I got him to stop eating animal products, my mom stopped everything except chicken and she eats so little probably the equivalent weight of "sausage" on a "sausage" pizza in one day, which is a lot less meat than most people so that's better than most. She doesn't like taking advice from her son though, even when I've advised her on other things she would make the opposite choice and later complain about it.

After the adult stuff and using the bathroom, I took my daily pictures for the day and ate some breakfast. Then I wrote yesterday's journal entry.

After that work started and it was a very busy day. I got a good amount of difficult/sophisticated work done. Not a bad day today in terms of work, but this really tired me out. Along with doing adult stuff in the morning, I ran out of self-discipline energy to be able to study and work harder on my math quiz today.

After work I was on Discord for several hours, chatting with a bunch of people. I made some "negotiations" with two companies to work with each other, and I introduced two of their higher level employees to each other and they're possibly forming a partnership. I'm not getting rewarded at all for potentially getting millions of dollars profit for both companies. I don't know why I did this. It just felt clear to me both companies would benefit each other with a partnership of some sort, so I started talking to both sides, telling the other about the other company. I only did this becasue the alternative was math homework, and due to running out of discipline energy, what else did I have?

I started studying again for the math quiz really late at night, at around 10 PM. I had the math quiz due before 12 AM, and I had other homework, so I had basically one hour to study, 30 minutes for the quiz, and then another 30 minutes for the rest of the homework. Oh man I needed a lot more time to study. I understood the concepts, but I needed more Practice Problems to work on. I only did a handful of them and needed way more practice. Anyway at 11 PM I just started the quiz even though I wasn't fully prepared, because I had no more time.

The quiz was appropriate difficulty, there wasn't any question I didn't know how to answer. However I only had 30 minutes to do the quiz, when normally it would take an hour, so I was rushed. I didn't even get a chance to double check my answers, and in the end I got an 80%. That sucks. Whatever. I have to make sure I do all the practice problems for next quiz. Heck I need to do some practice problems for this week's chapters too.

After that I worked on the other homework for the week, and unsurprisingly I didn't finish everything. I turned in what I could though just one minute before the deadline, so hopefully I still get like an 80-90% on these homework assignments since they meet most requirements.

One mistake I made today was I didn't make a to do list for the quiz and for the homework and study items. If I had done that, I would have been more aware of my tasks for the day and I would have worked harder to complete them. Anyway, that was my day today. It was a very busy day.

Written by JustMegawatt

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