Dec. 3, 2020

november gratitude

  1. good raid day. almost forgot what new content feels like
  2. whoa Cassandra Khaw retweeted my Halloween drawing of Levi
  3. LMAO there were eight daybloom seeds in the free junk chest THIS ENTIRE TIME RIP NEWBIE
  4. a plum, fresh from the icebox
  5. day off yay
  6. we did it! we beat Terraria! we got the clear on our first serious Moon Lord attempt
  7. woke up to double Draook eggs. Igloo and Veto you guys are the champs
  8. designing a Minecraft skin based on Kaeya. pixel art is always fun
  9. fantastic day out: blue skies, windy, 70 degrees
  10. our toilet broke and I FIXED IT I feel so accomplished (the chain slipped loose, so I reattached it)
  11. more t-shirt weather. long balcony walk, storing it up for the winter ahead
  12. when I make my own sweet chili ramen it's so much better than the cup ramen version and it's v satisfying
  13. a three-and-a-half-hour afternoon nap. after a week of not quite sleeping properly, this is EXACTLY what I needed
  14. followed up the nap with a cold bottle of cider and a half-hour balcony walk and I feel great
  15. "poetry god" HGR (in Jeopardy)
  16. also, Kan simping for "poetry god" HGR despite having zero context
  17. a big glass of water when thirsty. mmm
  18. finally making progress on work
  19. whoa free kinder egg in the mail. weird flex but okay
  20. update: there's TWO kinder eggs
  21. stress relief: making roads in minecraft. follow the torches, lay down a straight path, reshape the land. all hail the great order
  22. project complete, finally
  23. made korean bbq chicken for dinner
  24. ty to Wolfyz for Soren merc, carrying so hard
  25. catching up on alchemist code ch5. boys! bonk! it! out!
  26. watched HGR streaming Baba is You in the afternoon and then made delicious pork steak for dinner
  27. GROCERIES GET ("gg," as they say)
  28. enjoying my hard-won ice cream
  29. side note: I saw a post asking "what's the best purchase you've made since quarantine?" for me it's collectively all the ice cream I've bought
  30. exploring aimlessly in minecraft
  31. someone used my soren merc, which makes me happy. I was carried and now I can carry someone else. get that J3 dude
  32. finally drew that indigo draook. gotta match the spooky grass
  33. update: tailedthief saw my draook pic and sent me a pumpkin pot
  34. five finger death punch - house of the rising sun
  35. o m g rule 23 change
  36. hgr 100%'d baba is you! *fanfare*
  37. solo minecraft. building a base from scratch, fun times
  38. watching newbie stream the stone soup game and Baba is You
  39. "VELCOME" newbie: ???????
  40. good work progress! finished part 2. one more to go!
  41. first snowfall of the season!!
  42. watching hgr play life is strange 2 episode 1: bad game, but an entertaining kind of bad
  43. finished my project just in time for Thanksgiving! very happy about this one. it warms the heart
  44. just found out that Othima is the Avatar of Sorcery (for the seal quest) and honestly that's pretty cool
  45. happy thanksgiving!!
  46. new oc: churro the hydra
  47. visiting hoooome
  48. finished up Life is Strange 2 before leaving. not the greatest game but I was happy with the ending: we made the right choice (duh) AND we raised our Daniel right
  49. an hour-long early morning hike in the woods
  50. Thanksgiving FEAST (thanks Mom!!)
  51. the joys of teaching: last time Dad visited, I taught him to keep a free egg slot when fighting a rocket boss to get a red egg. today, he traded me his extra Pawniard
  52. another hike in the woods
  53. a hot shower!
  54. was great being on vacation, but it's also great to be home. best of both worlds. both worlds are the best
  55. yeahhh my indigo draook pic made the "popular artwork" sidebar

Written by Achaius

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