March 30, 2020

Uploaded a Video, Monday Work Day, Official Stay At Home Order by Governor

22:47 (of Tuesday, March 31st 2020)

Today is Monday and it was a pretty normal day. No running today though.

I could have ran in the morning upon waking up, but the night before as I was laying in bed, I felt a little tingling feeling on my right knee. No pain or discomfort or anything, but I took it as a sign to take a break, so before going to sleep I decided today was going to be a day off of running. I realize my body right now may be a bit too heavy for running, and when I do run I only run on the sidewalk. If I ran on a grassy path or a dirt trail or something, there would be less impact on my knees and joints, but I don't want to get a tick, so I just run on the sidewalk.

Before the workday started at around 9 AM and I logged into the work servers, I recorded a video that morning on why I thought anime was a waste of time. I didn't really know what to make a video of next, but I decided that was a good topic, so I made a video on it and uploaded it. I set the premiere date to be later that day at 6:30 PM and I posted it around in a few places on Discord. I got a few anime fans giving the video a thumbs down and flaming me in chat, before the video was even viewable. So I already got a few thumbs downs before the video could even be watched. Cool.

The working day was fairly normal. I'm still working from home of course. I don't even remember much of what I did. My mom also worked from home. Later that afternoon though, there was a message from the governor that a Stay at Home Order was released and effective immediately. No more going out for random stuff, just only for essential activities like grocery shopping and work. Also apparently exercise was still allowed, so I could still go out and run if I wanted to. So nothing really changed from before, except this time it was more official.

I saw the Governor's twitter post about the order and a lot of people were angry because it wouldn't be lifted until June 30th, if I recall correctly. I just remembered it was a long time from today.

Geez I don't even recall what I did after that! I know for certain I didn't spend my time watching anime. Oh, I played around five minutes of Path of Exile before I got bored. It's just the same thing over and over again. It got boring so quickly. I didn't care how quickly I was able to kill monsters or anything like that. I didn't care that I had some awesome gear. It was just so boring after having played it for around 35 hours total.

I think I may have watched more DurianRider videos before going to bed. I really don't know how I spent those several hours after work, because I didn't run. Oh. I remember now. I had like a 2-3 hour debate with people on Discord chat about anime. Not sure if that was the best way to spend my night, but otherwise I would have just spent it watching DR videos, or maybe I would have gone to sleep earlier. One takeaway from it though is that I needed to run again tomorrow.

Anyway that was my day today.

Written by JustMegawatt

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