Dec. 4, 2020

Turned In Work, Laptop Lock Arrived

6:50 AM (of Saturday, December 5th 2020)

Today is Friday, December 4th 2020 and it was a very typical Friday, I can't really say that I did all that much today, unlike yesterday which was a day in which it seems like I did a lot of special things. This is what my time log looked like for today:

  • Work 9:31
  • Work Tasks 8:31
  • Physical 0:53
  • Beat Saber 0:53
  • Intermediary 8:40
  • Preparing Food 0:17
  • Eating 0:28
  • Sleeping 7:46
  • Pooping 0:09
  • Organization 1:16
  • To Do List 0:01
  • Journal 1:11
  • Pictures for the Day 0:04
  • School 0:07
  • Homework 0:07
  • Unproductive 1:13
  • Anime 0:13
  • Adult 1:00
  • Social Media 3:20
  • Discord 3:20


This morning I don't really recall much. I fell asleep last night at around 1 AM and I woke up this morning at 6:57 AM, so I only got around 6 hours of sleep total, which isn't all that much. Oh, one thing I do remember is that I was very productive in the morning. I didn't waste any time at all getting on any social media sites or doing any wasteful activities, I just woke up, used the bathroom, and then started up writing yesterday's entry.

Writing yesterday's entry was fun and exciting. I only wrote for about an hour apparently, and I managed to get double the length of the previous day's entry in which I spent roughly the same amount of time on (but 20 minutes less). This is one of the first times that I'm writing in a lot more detail than normal. I even wrote about the kind of work I did and the things I did on Discord, and what I did with my private time.

After writing yesterday's entry, I went ahead and prepared some breakfast and ate some breakfast. I was watching some anime I think while eating, everything else was perfect up to this point.


After that work started, and I completed some of the final amounts of the work I had due. It lasted the entire day of course, and I don't think I took much breaks. I definitely didn't go into my balcony during work hours, though I probably had times when I wanted to, and just worked majority of the time today. When I used to go to the office, I used to take naps in my car during lunchtime, after walking around for a few laps of course. I mean instead of eating, I'm taking a nap in my car is what I used to do. Now that I'm working from home, I don't take any naps even though I have a bed right here. Weird. I also don't walk around outside anymore.

Those were fun times. I used to walk around every lunchtime, sometimes I even jogged outside during lunch. Often I would jog to the car right after work and take the "long route" to my car which involved going the opposite direction and doing a loop around some buildings, totalling about a half of a mile in length to get to my car which meant a roughly 5 minute jog just for fun. It's frustrating how I've become "less" of myself after getting more comfort and freedoms. I'm even wealthier now than in the past and I've been buying useless junk like porn videos and video game land. You know I wouldn't have expected this decline.

When will I resurrect this past version of myself? It's frustrating not being good, but nowadays I just feel like not doing anything. I'm watching a lot of entertainment now because it's fun and easy. I don't have to put in much effort and I can just relax. Though arguably, back when I was walking around a lot and jogging, that also wasn't much effort at all. I didn't feel like I was putting in any effort. Now though, because I have lost those habits, trying to build them up again does feel like it involves a lot of effort.

Beat Saber

After work I played beat saber on the balcony for around an hour before the battery died. What I hate about playing on the balcony is that cars and other people can see me as they pass by. I feel like some people are driving along, and this entire neighborhood is dark, and then they just see this one luminous balcony enshrined with a spotlight and me with a VR headset doing some moves on it. I feel like I'm a freaking advertisement for VR headsets and I don't want to be. I'd rather be a sign that said "Go Vegan" and hopefully make some minor positive impact on the world instead of being a moving advertisement for Facebook making Facebook richer.

The reason I play on my balcony though is that it's a lot cooler outdoors and the air feels clean and fresh. If I'm playing indoors, it's a lot hotter and mustier so I sweat a lot more and I don't feel like I can breathe as freely. It's a lot more fun and feels better when I play outdoors even if it's just on my balcony, but I hate being under a spotlight when I play, especially if it's at night. It feels like every person who drives by is now going to get their own VR headset because I'm there and they saw me. I rather they choose not to kill and eat animals though.

The rapid note patterns are the hardest for me to complete. These notes have to be played completely subconsciously, if I try to put in a thought then I screw up the entire pattern and I fail the song. An example for this is that rapid note pattern near the beginning of Origins, I still cannot even come close to beating that pattern fully. Then there's the song Balearic Pumping, which I can play fully and basically get perfect combos, until near the end when the song starts to pick up and the notes start coming more rapidly. I fail so frequently near the end of that song and it's frustrating.

It's the same thing with the song "Stronger", I can play every part of the song perfectly until there's that those two rapid patterns, one near the beginning and one near the end, that are so hard for me to complete. There was that one time, it might have been tonight actually, where I completed the first part of Stronger for the first time, and I passed that first rapid pattern. Then I play the rest of the song which was also quite hard, almost perfectly! And then that rapid pattern comes up a second time, except the notes are mirrored, and I fail this completely. It's frustrating!

I don't know if I can ever get good at these rapid patterns. I don't see myself being able to play these notes. I don't see myself ever being able to beat Ghost in Expert+ because it's just so out of my league at this moment. Anyway I played until the batteries died.

Laptop Lock

Oh yeah my laptop lock arrived today. It's freaking cool. It's a Kensington combo lock, and although arguably it doesn't really do all that much to a motivated thief with an angle grinder, I can now lock my laptop anywhere and people won't be able to steal it in normal everyday circumstances. Of course if they had a freaking tool that can chop tables in half or maybe even just a wire cutter and several minutes of time, they can chop through this thin security cable. But heh, it does look freaking cool. It's red and metallic and it cost me $8. Now I can lock my laptop to my desk and be forced to use it there instead of bringing with me to bed and using it while lying down.


After playing Beat Saber on the balcony for a bit, I "took a break" and got on Discord. This ended up lasting several hours. I didn't have any trades for some game items today. I did look around the game marketplaces to see if there was anything interesting going for cheap, but there wasn't. It was mostly just a waste of time hanging out and talking to people on Discord. I can't say I got much done.


At around 9 AM I started feeling a little sleepy after only getting 6 hours of sleep last night and completing a lot of work today. I went to my bed and started watching some anime. I eventually passed out as I was watching. I think anime is a complete waste of time, but I was tired and felt so bored, so this is what I ended up doing before passing out asleep.

Anyway that was my day today. It was an alright day.

Written by JustMegawatt

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