Dec. 6, 2020

Hell week (?) and procrastinating

My classmate and I were rechecking and editing our paper to be passed tomorrow. I immediately stopped doing our paper when I heard that the deadline is going to be moved next next week. My classmate did the same thing too😂 Guess who’s procrastinating again🤣 but actually there’s gonna be a hella enormous wave of deadlines coming, and I already feel tired these past few days due to lack of sleep from cramming my work. I hope that I’ll be able to do my task early. I’m not aiming to finish it as soon as possible, but I hope I can get to start it little by little so that when the deadline comes, I’ll be doing less of it.

So far, I was able to pass one of my homeworks this week. I only got one done🤣 and I still have more to go... fightin💪

I wanna have a break already...

Written by s_t_4_r

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