March 31, 2020

Ran 3 miles, Uploaded Video, Work Day


This morning I woke up. I didn't run yesterday so I was like, yeah, I need to run today. So I got up, drank some water, and just ran outside. I did some walking and some running drills first before running though, since I had just woken up. After warming up I started running and went on my newly created almost exactly 3 mile route. It can be more or less 3 miles depending on circumstances like being derailed by a person walking 4 dogs. Most of the time when that happens I just go on the grass next to the sidewalk and avoid it, sometimes though they are blocking the path of a fork in the road, or maybe I encounter them in a parking lot where I could run around them in any direction, in those cases I have to be creative in the way I navigate around which changes the total distance.

Anyway I ran those 3 miles. There wasn't anything that stood out. but there was less people that I encountered. I started running around 7:20 AM, which I think is a bit later, but still around the same time I would normally run in the morning. The majority of people I encounter on these runs are people walking their dogs. There's almost always at least 1 runner that I encounter along the way too, and maybe one person on a bike 75% of the time. But every time I go on these runs, I encounter several people walking their dogs. Very rarely any walkers.

But anyway when I came back home, I wanted to make another video. What about though? Yeah let me go after gamers. So I made a video on why I thought video games were a waste of time. I'm now making it a rule for myself that if I make a video about something that I thought was a waste of time, I would abstain from it forever. Anything I make a video of that I say is a waste of time, I'm never going to touch again. So I'm never going to tough anime or video games ever again. I don't want to. After putting up the video I shared it on some Discord servers again, I did not get any defensive gamers like I did the anime guys this time though. I think a lot of them actually agreed.

After that I started working. I connected to the work servers, exchanged some emails, and got to work. It was payday today but I don't even know yet if I got paid since I haven't checked my bank accounts. I do have some bills to pay, I just haven't bothered with that yet. I need to pay some bills though and update myself on my bank balances.

After work I watched some YouTube videos. Yeah I took out anime and video games, but I haven't gotten rid of YouTube videos yet. I just came up with an idea on how to watch YouTube videos productively: only watch videos you know the exact specific topic for. Example is how to ride a bike. If I go on YouTube, I don't just randomly click on a recommended video. I go in there to search for how to ride a bike, and that's the only video I can watch, or more than one if I still need more help. Or if I go online wanting to see what my subscribed channels have to say, then that's also taking up some of my time since I like the people I'm subscribed to, and I end up watching their content, which most of the time doesn't do much for me.

After that I concluded some Habitica challenges for today. I host some challenges that open and close every 10 days, which are: write a journal every day, Habitica triple, Go vegan for 7 days, and walk 10,000 steps a day. It takes a while to do this and I was procrastinating from doing this task by watching YouTube videos.

Anyway that was my day today.

Written by JustMegawatt

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