Dec. 6, 2020

2020/12/06 - Technik und Lebkuchenhaeuser



Technical shift. The new kid was there. The plan was that i'll sit next to the corner and do everything from there and he watches from in Front the PC. The Problem was that i couldn't see the bar at the bottom of the screen that i needed. So i sat in front of the PC and he where i should be, next to him the laptop of mine. But i must say, i think it was very boring for him, he couldn't do anything. I would say that the things we do doesn't require a day watching, it just needs a quick explanation and you are ready to go. Sure you can't memorize everything, but it needs to be done anyway to learn better. It's simple. And he can always ask. I needed to ask a couple of times when i started, and i still don't know everything. I know the necessary for the most sundays and usually nothing strange happens. Usually.

Today we had a PDF. Now, how do we get it on the projector? We had to grab the window, move it putside the PC screen and then look at the wall where it gets projected and click on the present modus icon. Christoph must have thought, what the hay do they do there? He was in contact with a positive (Corona) person. (The next Generation that didn't throughlive Corona like we did must be confused what's so bad about being positive 😂 if they don't know we were speaking of a disease). So he can't leave the house and we needed to play music from mp3 as well. After the service i tried to show the newbie what we do and the foil presenter. I hoped i didn't need to. I'm sure he'll be fine doing it next time.

I tried to do Homework and talked with Alessia. In German we have the task to describe a certain person and explain their influence on the main Charakter (Claudia). I can do the first but i have no idea what influence the Charakter has?? (Book: Drachenblut (oder) der Fremde Freund; the character i got: Maria)

CU: we made... Gingerbread houses? Online. It was fun. Mom helped me a lot 😂 we had colours so we have a colourful House now. One gummy bear is swimming in the green-yellow pine needles. Mom wanted to do yellow pearls but it didn't work and so there is a Green-yellow Sauce.

Antio 🦊

Written by Plesi`

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Posted On Dec 07, 2020

Very cool gingerbread house!

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