Dec. 5, 2020

Caught Up On Things, Resistance Training

11:17 PM

Today is Saturday, December 5th 2020 and it was a decent day today. I'm very certain that today was more productive than Saturday last week, because I actually got some things done today. This is what my timelog looked like today:

  • Physical 0:59
  • Beat Saber 0:44
  • Resistance Exercise 0:15
  • Intermediary 9:49
  • Preparing Food 0:16
  • Eating 1:13
  • Sleeping 8:03
  • Pooping 0:17
  • Organization 1:47
  • To Do List 0:01
  • Journal 1:16
  • Personal 0:25
  • Pictures for the Day 0:05
  • Unproductive 9:05
  • Anime 2:15
  • Adult 0:12
  • Manga 5:40
  • Driving 0:58
  • Social Media 2:20
  • Discord 2:20


I woke up this morning from a pleasant dream. The dream didn't make any sense, but basically I think I was a high school student and there were three girls, two of them who actually liked me in real life. Just thinking back on those memories... I miss those days. Anyway, and then the third girl was someone I had a crush on but she didn't like me back. All three of these girls kept talking to me a bunch in the dream, wanting to go out with me. One of them came up beside me in a minivan as I was walking on the sidewalk and then started to chat with me asking me to get in the car with her. There were a bunch of other scenarios but I don't recall them. That was my dream.

After that I used the bathroom, set up my to do list, worked on some items for a bit, and then I started writing up yesterday's entry. That took about an hour, and then I ate some breakfast.


I wrote about how I thought I was a very visible sight from my balcony to cars passing by, and I wanted to test out that theory. I went out and drove along the street that my balcony faces, driving both directions of the road and seeing how visible the balcony and the objects on it were. It turns out it was super tiny and hard to discern especially if someone was driving fast. Unless they turned their head and directly only looked at that one balcony deliberately, I would be hard to spot, from either direction. Of course my worry was for the nighttime, because my balcony would be the only one illuminated. So I still wasn't sure, but at least during sunlight I'm not that visible.

After driving I worked on some personal tasks and was able to complete them.

Resistance Exercise

This was fun. I have no idea why I don't do this every day, because it's not that hard and hugely beneficial, but I did some resistance training on the balcony today. I got these barbells that are 15 pounds each, and I just did a bunch of arm exercises with them until my arms were sore. I did a bunch of curls, probably 80 with each arm, and then I did a bunch of side lifts where I lift the barbells from my sides up to me forming a "T" position with my arms, probably 60 total. And then I did a bunch of those where I lift the barbells above my head and then lift it up and down a bunch of times behind my head and then in front of my head.

I tried doing a push-up, but with my weight I was only able to do one, I actually could have probably done five but one felt enough. Previously I was able to do 50+ in one go, so this was a huge step down. Instead I just held the push-up position, doing sort of an "extended plank" exercise. I counted to 60 and then stopped. This was a hard exercise and I was only able to do one set of 60 seconds, fun though.

After that I was done, and I put the barbells away and went back inside. My arms weren't that sore. They were sort of sore, but not that much. I probably could have done a bunch more, but that felt like enough for me.

Unproductive Activities

After working out I ate some lunch and then I felt really bored. I guess I could have taken a nap after working out and eating lunch, but I read some manga instead. I read it for a few hours and then I eventually took a nap at around 5 PM. Over 2-3 hours passed by. I seriously spent so much time on reading manga. It was a pretty good one that I started reading, I already read most of the light novel for it before getting bored, but they remade this mangwa and with the improved graphics the story felt so much more interesting. Huge waste of time though.

The rest of the time I browsed discord / watched anime. I didn't feel like doing anything else, which was a bad way to feel. I fix this the next day though and I was able to get a lot more done. That's for tomorrow's entry. Anyway this was my day today, at least I was still able to get some things done instead of just having the entire day be a waste.

Written by JustMegawatt

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