Dec. 6, 2020

Did Resistance Training, Went to a Dollar Store

7:30 AM (of Monday, August 7th 2020)

Today is Sunday, August 6th 2020 and it was a very good and productive day today. This is what my timelog looked like:

  • Physical 2:17
  • Beat Saber 0:56
  • Resistance Exercise 0:18
  • Walking 1:03
  • Intermediary 9:16
  • Preparing Food 0:30
  • Eating 1:43
  • Sleeping 6:59
  • Pooping 0:04
  • Organization 1:34
  • To Do List 0:01
  • Journal 0:45
  • Personal 0:44
  • Pictures for the Day 0:04
  • Unproductive 8:57
  • Browsing 0:07
  • Anime 2:02
  • Driving 1:08
  • Novels 5:40
  • Social Media 1:56
  • Discord 1:51
  • Habitica 0:05

Honestly I thought today was a pretty good and productive day, since I spent 2 hours doing physical activities including resistance training and walking, and I also spent around an hour on some to do tasks. However when I look at the amount of time I spent doing other senseless activities, it paints a different picture. I spent 6 hours reading some novels? It doesn't feel like it's accurate, but it is. What a waste of time!

This morning was quite productive. I was able to get some personal tasks done. Apparently even though it felt like I got a lot done, I only spent around an hour working on those to dos and saved the rest of the tasks for the rest of the day. Unfortunately I didn't work on any other tasks. I was only productive in the morning.

Resistance Training

I did some more resistance training on the balcony today. It was awesome. I kept going basically until I felt mentally tired, like I didn't want to keep doing it anymore. Physically though I was fine. I probably did 120 to 150 reps over 6 sets of 15 pound dumbell curls with each arm. It was mentally exhausting because I kept going and going and my arm wasn't feeling any pain. "No Pain No Gain" as they say, well I wasn't feeling any pain so I wasn't gaining anything. I kept doing curls until I felt like I had enough. I probably could have gone on much longer doing curls, but it felt like it wasn't getting anywhere.

After that I probably did 50 to 60 reps of lateral raises (yes I found out what it was called!), and I was feeling no burn, well, barely any burn. I also did a bunch of front raises and this one was harder. Still, I didn't feel any burn after doing a bunch of front raises.

After that I worked on doing overhead tricep extensions. I don't remember how many I did, not that many though. Probably 20 reps with each arm.

The reason I'm not feeling any burns might be due to doing the reps too fast and I should slow them down. I think I'll get a better burn next time if I slow down my workout reps. But yeah it wasn't tiring. I also did 30 seconds of a "push-up plank", where I do a plank but instead of being on my elbows, I'm on my hands with my arms fully extended. I think it's the same concept, it works out the core too, with the benefit of less elbow pain from the pressure.


After working out on the balcony for a bit, I went out for a walk. I listened to a procrastination audiobook as I walked, and I was relating to all the points. Apparently I'm stupid though because when I got home after walking for an hour, I didn't work on anything. I ate some food and watched some anime while doing so, and I guess I transitioned to watching anime and then reading some novels.

Dollar Store

At around 5 PM I went out with my parents to drive around for a bit. We went to a dollar store and everything there was $1. Unbelievable! I've been to a dollar store a bunch of times but this is the first time I grasped how inexpensive these items were. There was a bunch of random stuff there such as home tools, food, decorations. I've bought some greeting cards from Wal-Mart before and they were about $7 each. At this store they were 2 for $1, so 50 cents each! I feel like I got ripped off by Wal-Mart.

I ended up buying a gumball bag. It was $1 for this bag of gumballs and I stuffed 75% of the entire bag in my mouth during our drive back home. I just kept stuffing it with gumball after gumball because I wanted to feel what it was like having an entire mouth filed with a bunch of gum.

Also I filled in one of my tires today because my car gave off the low tire pressure warning. However even after filling up the tire it still kept giving off the warning. My parents didn't want to continue driving because of that.


At home I didn't do much. I threw away the large chunk of gum in my mouth, one of the largest pieces of gum I have ever chewed. It was tiring out my jaw to chew like that so I threw it out.

I started cooking up some beans and rice, and I ate that with an avocado as dinner. The avocado was 65 to 85 cents, because my dad only buys those when they're low in price like that, and the beans and rice portion on my plate probably cost under 20 cents. So my fulfilling meal tonight cost me under or around $1. No need for any animal parts on my plate.

After that I browsed the Internet for a bit, got on Discord, read some novels, played some Beat Saber, wrote up yesterday's journal entry, and then I went to sleep. I could have done some work at night, but I guess I just felt unmotivated to do so. It's so much easier just browsing the Internet and doing entertainment activities.

Written by JustMegawatt

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