April 1, 2020

march gratitude

Gratitude journal from March, starting March 13, the day I started sheltering in place. It's been a weird month, but a good one.

  1. sleeping in, waking up to a room awash in warm sunlight
  2. aki route COMPLETE. we finally got to fight the Dominion priestess (who is displayed as her true name when you defeat her LOL) and Father Gregory
  3. we beat leviathan!!
  4. YES my boss called and said stay home tomorrow, stay safe. I'm so relieved
  5. update: staying home all week like a boss. full week of isolation. staying safe
  6. sooo much baldr sky. finished reminiscence, got to ch7 makoto
  7. beat makoto! I feel v accomplished now. it took nine attempts. I didn't even get off a proper melee combo until attempt #4. it just goes to show that sometimes, I can do things with practice and a cool head
  8. no caffeine dependency. I get starbucks for breakfast every work day, but just because I like the taste. there's no effect when I don't have it (or any other coffee products) here at home
  9. eden normals with team! (hgr, dante, newbie, kan) in a surprising twist, eden normals have become a highlight of my week. it's amazing what a functional computer can do
  10. (also I got a 24% on ifrit/garuda normal?! normal is a whole different world)
  11. finally did the lofia/cheryl babel chronicles. it was actually good?? lofia best girl
  12. two books, two days. I am a pro
  13. makoto route COMPLETE. best route so far! hyped for the true route
  14. I have a balcony!!!
  15. my parents drove up with groceries for us. thanks Mom and Dad!! we were well stocked but now we are SUPER stocked. lots of fruits (we will not get scurvy). also, a box of tempura shrimp sushi for lunch
  16. granite gaol prog!
  17. DOUBLE raid weekend. got to uplift 2! also I'm really getting the hang of the first phase
  18. zoey's 8-second timers
  19. it snowed last night!
  20. watching hell's kitchen with hgr
  21. 40-minute walk on the balcony today. great to get some exercise and fresh air
  22. hgr, dishing out wisdom: "you can't spell 'I, dumbass' without dias"
  23. finally got my character art of Lil Levi cleaned up and ready to post
  24. baked chocolate chip cookies!
  25. DECIMATING sacred spear. fuck em up Orion (2/2/2/2/5 today)
  26. re: health insurance audit: the original deadline was April 2, but they're giving a GRACE PERIOD until April 25. great news, since delivery of my documentation got delayed to April 3
  27. solosis event! good blobs everywhere
  28. best buddies with Meracydia! that's best buddy #2 (Vindaloo was #1)
  29. HGR and I watched Moogy streaming DDC lunatic. good times. I'm p bad so whenever Moogy dies/bombs I'm like "yeah I would've died/bombed there" but HGR is a real hotdogger so he's constantly like NOOO MOOGY WHY and it's a lot of fun
  30. hit enrage on titan! 6% with a messy first phase, so we'll get him for sure next time
  31. morning sunlight! waking up to a bright sunlit room is always great
  32. baked chicken wings with hoisin-garlic sauce (with fresh garlic!)
  33. thanks to icon, FD, Santa, Dad, and all the others who have been subsidizing me with gifts while I have nothing to give in return. got enough candy for Carracosta today
  34. Navajo flatbread (what a versatile food. eat it with apple butter for breakfast. make it into a mini-pizza for dinner)

Written by Achaius

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Posted On Apr 12, 2020

So many positives, what a delight to read!

Posted On Apr 12, 2020

@Cayst Thanks!

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