April 1, 2020

Entry Number One

Well this is new~

So I feel like I've heard about this website but not really sure where.

Anyhoo I'm filling this in tandem with my blog so we'll see how this goes~ Might be the same, might end up differently. But The point is to fill this everyday right?

Here goes :p

Day 10 of my quarancation (quarantine-vacation) and it was quite productive.

I got to run 2.01 KM in 23:54 minutes, did the Darebee.com work outs such as Mama Bear and Home Tone-Upperbody. The Mama Bear one is BRUTAL and I literally lost my breath at the end and finally stopped with my vision almost black. Had to lay down for awhile on my wet mat before I could pick my body up to get a drink.

After that I spent roughly 3 hours playing Harvest Moon Light of Hope in which I need only to fish a Yellow Perch and grow a Pink Dahlia in the wrong season and I can finally finish the Lighthouse restoration as well as the story plot. And this is still within my first game year so YEAY! Super excited~

Written by shaiduck

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