Dec. 10, 2020

Good Work Day, Math Homework

8:53 AM (of Friday, December 11th 2020)

Today is Thursday, December 10th 2020. You know how in the beginning of the next year, often people will screw up and write the previous year when they're writing down dates? For example it's 2020 now, but in the beginning of 2021 a lot of people will accidentally start writing a date as 2020 and then correct it to 2021. I am making that same mistake, except for the month November instead.

Today was a much better day than other days, even if I did read too much manga and such today.

8:24 AM (of Monday, December 14th 2020)

Today's entry is still for Thursday, December 10th, 2020, I am just writing this a few days in the future and have just forgotten most of what happened today. This is what I spent my time on today:

  • Work 8:20
  • Work Tasks 8:20
  • Physical 1:24
  • Beat Saber 1:24
  • Intermediary 5:45
  • Preparing Food 0:02
  • Eating 0:10
  • Sleeping 5:17
  • Pooping 0:16
  • Organization 0:40
  • Journal 0:36
  • Pictures for the Day 0:04
  • School 0:42
  • Homework 0:42
  • Productive 1:17
  • Project 1:17
  • Unproductive 5:52
  • Browsing 1:03
  • Anime 0:32
  • Adult 0:10
  • Manga 4:07

Looks like it was a very productive day today. I didn't spend any time on Discord today apparently, but spent a lot of time reading manga. I was reading a fighting Korean manga, about some kid who was very good at fighting. It captivated my attention for a while, but overall I think I could have spent that time doing other more productive things, like walking outside. That would have been a lot better than reading that manga for several long hours.

Apart from 8 hours working today, I apparently also worked on my own personal projects and homework too, spending about 2 hours combined on both. That's better than nothing. I got a lot done during those hours too. I understood the math material really well this week so I was able to do very well on that assignment, I even did the homework early.

That's pretty much it today.

Written by JustMegawatt

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