Dec. 14, 2020

14 - 12 - 20

I'm trying to make this holiday season more sustainable. I realized something funny yesterday; each year we make sugar cookies because of tradition, but we never like them and always throw them away. I'm not going to make them this year. I'm baking gingerbread cookies :) If y'all have any good recipes to recommend that would be lovely!

This trimester is the shortest of the year, which makes it super stressful for me to produce all of this work on time for my classes. My parents aren't helping, if anything, they're making it so much harder for me to work. Their constant pressure to hold good grades over anything else has driven me to practically burnout, as I am not allowed to do sport, go outside, socialize, wash myself, or take a mental break until I have completely finished all my late work. It may be feasible for neurotypicals to pull an all-nighter and get everything done in one go, but as someone with ADD, it is so. much. more. complicated than that. I won't go into depth as to how and what I find to be most helpful, but if any of you have neurodivergent pals - frequent breaks from work and providing room to stim really helps. Anyways, to avoid their wrath and to actually be productive, I'm tinkering with my sleep schedule - I'm going to try to sleep less during the night and pop in a 4 hour nap during the day. That way I won't be bothered when I work, if I work during hours that they are asleep. I may also have to sneak out at night to go on walks or hikes, which is dangerous for me, as I do present as more feminine. Well, I hope I can get through this.

Written by ZED

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