Dec. 15, 2020

Work Marathon

7:50 AM (of Wednesday, December 16th 2020)

Today is Tuesday, December 15th 2020 and it was a pay day today. I woke up at around 6 AM this morning and I worked on productive things. I worked on my CW project and that went along well, I got some pages done and that was all good. I did a little bit of my math homework this morning too. At around 8 AM I was exhausted or bored from working on things and I went out for a walk, I just did a lap around the neighborhood before coming back home because it was a bit cold out still and I was wearing a thin jacket with shorts and sandals.

This is what my time log looked like for today:

  • Work 8:30
  • Work Tasks 8:30
  • Physical 0:26
  • Beat Saber 0:11
  • Walking 0:15
  • Intermediary 10:50
  • Preparing Food 0:06
  • Sleeping 10:28
  • Pooping 0:16
  • Organization 0:43
  • Journal 0:32
  • Finances 0:06
  • Pictures for the Day 0:05
  • Productive 1:12
  • CW 1:12
  • Unproductive 1:49
  • Browsing 1:19
  • Anime 0:30
  • Social Media 0:30
  • Discord 0:30

When I got back home from the walk, I worked on my journal entries for the previous days. That's three hours straight of productivity. There basically wasn't a wasted minute from the moment I woke up until work started. I say "basically", because I did look at Discord every now and then, just to take a momentary break I guess while working, so I did waste minutes there.

Work was pretty exhausting today. I knew what I had to get done, the "References" section of this resume builder I was working on. I finished all the other sections in the previous days and weeks, and it was coming together nicely. I had this one last section to work on though, and that took most of the working day. There was a different project I worked on that morning for another client, but after that, at around 12 PM, I worked non-stop basically on the reference section until a bit after 5 PM and I felt so tired but so relieved afterwards. I didn't have any music playing either, maybe that would have helped? I don't know.

After work I watched some cartoons for a bit. I watched some Avatar The Last Airbender and Avatar Adventures of Korra today. I think it's quite the contrast from series' today. In the show, the Avatar is the most powerful person with the ability to control all the elements whereas everyone else is limited to one or zero elements, but avatars are not all powerful and people fight them all the time and treat them with disrespect too. In modern series, the main character would have all abilities, and they would have legions of followers, a harem, and respect of people bowing and obeying their commands wherever they went.

There's also royal and very wealthy characters in the series, and although they are treated with respect by their servants, they can often go random places and are treated as just normal people, even getting attacked or disrespected too. There was that beach episode where the prince and princess of the fire nation went to a beach for vacation and the people there didn't know who they were, so they weren't treated any differently. This is unlike modern anime where if such royalty characters went to a beach, everyone would be bowing down and gawking at them every second. Maybe it's a cultural thing.

I browsed the Internet for a bit, watched some series, and I fell asleep at around 7:30 PM watching 3-South. I did not expect to sleep so early, it just happened. Anyway that was my day today.

Written by JustMegawatt

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Posted On Dec 17, 2020

Avatar is a really good series, one of my favorites.

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