Dec. 14, 2020

Typical Workday, Pornhub Removed 90% of Videos

8:15 AM (of Wednesday, December 16th 2020)

Today is Monday, December 14th 2020 and it was a fairly typical work day. I woke up at around 7 AM after getting 7 hours of sleep, which I think is a healthy amount. I make sure to work on productive things in the morning because it's so much harder to be productive later, so that's what I did. I worked on CW project that morning for around an hour, finishing up some of the legal pages. One thing I realized is that even if I can make an income from this project, that work will never end. Even if "I'm my own boss", I still have to do work serving others (customers). There is no way around it. To get an income, I have to put in the effort in perpetuity.

After working on CW for an hour, I worked on my journal entries for around another hour, just catching up on the days I was behind on. This is what my timelog looked like for today:

  • Work 8:32
  • Work Tasks 8:32
  • Intermediary 6:53
  • Sleeping 6:48
  • Pooping 0:02
  • Brushing Teeth 0:03
  • Organization 0:53
  • Journal 0:49
  • Pictures for the Day 0:04
  • Productive 1:30
  • Personal 0:13
  • CW 1:17
  • Unproductive 5:51
  • Browsing 4:59
  • Adult 0:52
  • Social Media 0:21
  • Discord 0:21

Work was nice and productive today. I finished up the Languages and Volunteer sections of the resume builder I've been working on for a while.

On Discord I had some fun "debate" with someone on eating meat. Pretty huge waste of time but I enjoyed it. He stopped replying after I linked him to watch some slaughterhouse footage and posted pictures of gore of animals getting slaughtered which is a very common occurrence. He said that was gross and put that gross emoji. I said "that's your meat". He probably didn't even watch the videos I posted. No one really thinks of any victims when they eat meat or how many hundreds of animal lives they torture and destroy a year with their daily habits.

After work I browsed the Internet for a while, and watched some adult videos. I think it might have been today when Pornhub purged, I think, 90% of its content. Unbelievable. There were some playlists I had favorited that had 200+ videos, brought down to zero The only people that can upload videos now are verified users, and those are few. Apparently Pornhub was just trying to get an income, because they had millions of visitors a day, but not many "subscribed" users who paid to use the site. Visa and Mastercard pulled out their services with Pornhub because due to any user being able to upload videos, there was a likelihood of people uploading underage porn

Yeah this action may have killed my interest in porn for me. I was wondering why, the past few days, maybe the past 1-2 weeks, most of my searches would yield no new videos. You can perform a search and then order by "Most Recent", and I would be looking forward to these new most recent videos in different categories, but there wouldn't be any! I thought maybe no one was just uploading any videos, but it turns out it was because they were shifting to make it so only verified users could upload videos.

I checked out some of the other sites like xvideos and porntube but they just didn't have as much content. I've already purchased all the videos I've wanted to this year, but once you watch them once or a few times, they get old. Even the most desired videos I've wanted to see for years but only saw the previews, that I've been lusting for, and spent $30+ on, even those videos got old. It's weird how that happens. How "this will be the only video I need" and then it gets old, and boring after a few watches, and the people in the video I'm not as attracted to.

Anyway I don't remember much else of what I did, but that was pretty much my day today.

Written by JustMegawatt

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